Final Fantasy VII Remake has shifted development to in-house

The Final Fantasy VII Remake is something that gamers have wanted for not only years but decades. The bonafide classic captured so many hearts during its initial release, but it was definitely plagued by the limitations of its environment. The oddly shaped polygon bodies were quite bad and for years people wanted to see the game recreated on whichever new system was available at the time. Fast-forward to now and the remake is almost a reality, but it seems there has been a significant change up.

Square Enix were outsourcing to developers CyberConnect2, but according to Project Lead Naoki Hamaguchi, all development has shifted to Square Enix’s internal development. The reasons are relatively obvious, the company wants to have full control over the project with regards to quality assurance and production, which tells us the outsourced company did not meet the criteria that Square Enix wanted.

This is a solid move because historically, outsourcing development in large titles has not exactly worked out. The terrible boss fights in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, which is also owned by Square Enix, is but one of the examples of the divide that can happen when developmental responsibility is given to an outside source away from the project. However, this can also tell us that things aren’t exactly sunshine and roses with the development of the Remake and Square Enix was forced to make drastic changes in order for the game to still be viable.

Hopefully, we get some new footage soon so that we can see how the project is going.

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