Locally developed game Jengo gets a publisher

The local game development industry in South Africa is still in the process of developing itself. Since we are a relatively small market with much of our talent not really able to develop full-time due to financial constraints, the local indie scene has been somewhat bare and more hobbyist central. We had a few breakouts, but nothing that really cements South Africa as a premier game development country.

One of the more ambitious local projects is a game called Jengo, a point-and-click adventure game with a striking art style. The game has been in development since 2016 and the team, Robot Wizard, have been hard at work trying to materialise their vision. A big step was made in the form of them being signed to a French publisher called Playdius Entertainment, the publishing arm of Plug In Digital. As you may know, marketing and publishing indie titles is a momentous task and with the inclusion of a publisher, much of the limitations can be compensated for.

In other news, the project also acquired a new writer in the form of Michael James of NAG and rAge fame, showing that they are pulling in a lot of local talent to make the game a reality.

Best of luck to the guys over at Robot Wizard, it’s tough trying to develop games as is and even more so in a tertiary market that has its own limitations. You can also watch a dev diary by the team below.

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