Last Day of June revealed as next game by Massimo Guarini

The director of Shadows of the Damned and Murasaki Baby unveils his next game

Last Day of June has been revealed with a gorgeous announcement trailer. It is the next game from director Massimo Guarini, the man who was lead on Shadows of the Damned and Murasaki Baby. It will be coming to the PlayStation 4 and PC this year.

Last Day of June is a cinematic emotional experience in the adventure puzzle genre. The story focuses on the relationship of Carl and June. After an outing to their favourite spot, the beautiful day quickly turns bad following a horrific car crash. Later, Carl who is the only survivor, learns he has the ability to time travel. By using the paintings of his late love as kinds of portals, he can travel back. Carl realises that he can save his love by utilising this power to recreate that fateful day.

The thematic elements are focused on loss, love and how far one is willing to go when both are linked. The trailer ends with that message: “What would you do to save the one you love?” It is a strong sentiment that will likely surround the gameplay experience.

Beyond just Guarini’s name attached, there are some other collaborators that are making the project a definite one to look out for. The music will be handled by record producer and musician Steven Wilson. His involvement goes a lot further than just having his music in the game as according to his official site, the game is based on his music. More specifically, it is based on the character Hajo Mueller from his song Drive Home.

This leads into another notable named tied to the project: Jess Cope. Her credits include being an animator for the film Frankenweenie and was the director for Metallica’s Here Comes Revenge music video. She actually adapted Wilson’s Drive Home into a stunning animated music video. This likely explains the game’s stop motion aesthetic as well as the look striking a similar one to the Drive Home video.

This means that between the design philosophy of Guarini, the music of Wilson and finally the art sensibilities of Cope, there is some magic that could present itself to players. While the Last Day of June is scheduled for 2017 on PS4 and PC, there is no word on just when this year the game will hit. It is highly doubtful it will come out June 30th but that would be an amazing way to launch the game.

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