Livestream: We are playing some Overwatch (PC) [Finished]

What ever Blizzard touches turns to gold – fact. Overwatch was something completely different for Blizzard to create and it payed off in a big way. The only problem I have with Overwatch is that I don’t play it nearly as much as I should so today we are changing that. I haven’t played Overwatch since it launched so I am going to be a bit rusty coming out of the gate but I will have Garth by my side to watch my back. I know Blizzard have added plenty of new things since launch so it will be interesting coming back to the game after all these months to see if I notice any changes.

If you own Overwatch on PC let us know, we would love for you to join us for a few games. Catch the live stream below and drop some comments on what you like about the game and most importantly give me some tips so that I can live a little bit longer during each match, enjoy.

We plaing some OVERWATCH! Come see how bad we are 😉

Today I am trying some Overwatch for shits and giggles! Overwatch

Posted by Super2bit on Wednesday, 31 May 2017

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