Game releases for June – With added predictions!

Good old E3 month. June has been infamous for being deathly quiet because people will be too focused on the massive event and publishers often times just push their release dates to October or November in time for the holiday months. However, 2017 isn’t going down without a fight and even the quiet month of June is filled with wonderful games to look forward to. Let’s check them out.

Tekken 7 – PS4, Xbox One, PC – June 2

Are you ready to compete in the King of the Iron First Tournament yet again? Well, after 10 years, I sure hope you are. That’s not entirely true, Tekken Tag Tournament came out in 2011, but it has been 10 years since the last numbered entry into the franchise. Tekken has probably been a part of many of your childhoods since the games were the essential must-haves for anyone with a PS1 and then PS2. I personally remember Tekken 5 being the main staple in my house when we wanted to virtually punch each other in the face.

The new title brings a lot of new mechanics to the table such as Rage Art which allows a fighter to deal critical damage by using their rage and Power Crush which allows a player to keep doing their attacks even while they’re being attacked. This is also the first game in the series for the current generation, so the visuals have received a significant boost. In many respects, it’s still just a fighting game with some slight tweaks from its predecessor, but given the amount of time since Tekken fans could get their fix, Tekken 7 is coming along to quite a lot of applause.

Prediction: 8/10 because there are reviews up for the game already and that’s the consensus. We’ll have our review up soon as well so look out!

Dirt 4 – PS4, Xbox One, PC – June 6

The Dirt franchise has had a strange journey. Colin McRae: Dirt was a landmark rally game title when it released, fusing together realistic rally racing with arcade racing. With Dirt 2, the franchise started to get its wheels and with Dirt 3, things started reaching a peak. However, the two sequels wildly departed from the original in terms of tone. There were Monster logos everywhere and sick dudes telling you how sick your ride is. The whole love for rally got lost a bit somewhere, even if the gameplay improved quite considerably.

They then went extreme with Dirt Rally where the game is completely focused on simulation with ultra-realistic features and it became more of an enthusiast title than anything else. Now with Dirt 4 is seems they’re going back to their roots while also still retaining the fun nature of two and three. The game won’t be much different from its predecessors except for a new feature called Your Stage where your racing stages are procedurally generated. Team management will also be important as well as buying and selling cars.

It has been a long time since we’ve had a mainstream rally game release. While Dirt Rally filled the void for many, it couldn’t really appeal to everyone with its focus on simulation. A good old rally title with a bit of arcade goodness thrown in for good measure can be exactly what the body needs.

Prediction: About an 8/10 would be a fair guess. The Dirt series has a surprisingly good track record when it comes to quality and with so many experienced people behind it, we’ll be sliding around bends in no time.

WipEout Omega Collection – PS4 – June 7

Arcade racing fans rejoice! We’re unfortunately not getting a brand new WipEout to satisfy our anti-gravity racing needs, but we’re getting the second best with the WipEout Omega Collection. The game will feature remastered versions of WipEout HD, WipEout HD Fury and WipEout 2048. A nice bevvy of titles to satisfy all of your cravings.

The collection is definitely a nostalgia trip, only really serving as remasters, but considering we haven’t had a decent WipEout since WipEout 2048 in 2012, the collection is unquestionably better than nothing. The whole package is a wonderful value proposition and hopefully they have remastered the games well enough that the frantic fun and intense arcade racing that the series is loved for, is intact.

Prediction: It’s tough to rate collections, but I’m thinking 9/10. The WipEout series is adored by many and to have the games in the new generation, even though they are simply remasters, would be great for players who have not experienced the franchise yet.

ARMS – Switch – June 16

From initial impressions, ARMS looks a bit silly. A bunch of cartoonish fighters who have spring arms that punch each other in an arena. However, beyond the humorous exterior is a promise of a deep fighting game that has the potential to take the world by storm. ARMS is simple, you have a fighter with springs for arms, you have special abilities and each of your arms is capable of having different attributes applied to them. Two players fight and the one who knocks out the other, wins.

However, ARMS looks like it’s going to have some deep strategy outside of the more casual nature that it parades around. And where have we seen this before? Mario Kart and Splatoon. Both games have the immediate casual appeal, but stick with it and you’ll find that there is a lot more underneath the surface of these silly looking titles. ARMS might be that game for the Switch. A simple fighting game that will capture the hearts of both the casual and the hardcore. It’s exciting to see if the game lives up to that lofty goal I’ve painted for it.

Prediction: We can see anything from 7/10 to 9/10. Maybe the gameplay is simply too full of gimmicks or doesn’t have the lasting power, but it could be the next multiplayer obsession.

Valkyria Revolution – PS4, Xbox One, Vita – June 27

Remember Valkyria Chronicles? It was an interesting game that had you essentially command a WW2 battalion with a hybrid of turn-based and real-time gameplay. It was unique in its presentation and its story was unlike a lot of “traditional” Japanese titles. It received a small cult following because of these strengths and now we’re getting a new game into the franchise namely Valkyria Revolution.

Take all that interesting stuff from Valkyria Chronicles and throw it completely out of the window. The game now looks like a fantasy JRPG with traditional melee weapon attacks as well as guns that can be periodically used. It’s definitely a far cry from the “realistic” setting of its predecessor, but I can’t help but feel that a lot of what made Chronicles so unique has just been unceremoniously scrapped. But before we get the pitchforks out, we should judge the new game on its own merits.

An interesting new mechanic that will be introduced into the series is permadeath. Characters can now permanently die and their deaths will have an effect on the overall story as well. Not a brand new mechanic by any means, but it’s still interesting that they’ve gone that route.

Prediction: I don’t want to say it, but 5/10. There’s nothing wrong with a traditional JRPG, but from gameplay trailers and the like, the game looks way too generic. Considering the predecessor tried to be anything but that, we might be heading for a trainwreck here.

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy – PS4 – June 30

People have been raving for years about a new Crash Bandicoot game. The marsupial has captured a lot of childhood hearts and since the release of the PS4, each E3 was filled with hope that we will get a new title. Unfortunately, Naughty Dog are too busy making grand critically acclaimed titles and the licence was sold off years ago. It seemed like the Crash Bandicoot franchise would finally be crushed by the game industry boulder until we got news of the N. Sane Trilogy.

It’s not a new Crash Bandicoot game, much to the chagrin of many avid fans, but it is a remake of the first three titles in the franchise namely Crash BandicootCortex Strikes Back and Warped. Developers Vicarious Visions made it clear that they are staying true to what made the originals so great. The collection will feature completely overhauled graphics, some tweaks to the gameplay to make it smoother and the usual remake treatment.

The collection is wonderful for new gamers since the originals came out in the 90s. People still thought Limp Bizkit was dope when the original games initially released. Like with WipEout, it’s unfortunately not a brand new game, but it’s better than nothing.

Prediction: A good old 8/10. The games are legendary at this point and it will be interesting to see if they stood the test of time.

Here’s some other games releasing as well:

Formula Fusion – PC – June 1
The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind – PS4, Xbox One, PC – June 6
Guardians of the Galaxy: Episode 2 – Under Pressure – PS4, Xbox One, PC, iOS, Android – June 6
Darkest DungeonThe Crimson Court – PS4, PC – June 19
Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood – PS4, PC, Mac – June 20
Ever Oasis – 3DS – June 23
Get Even – PS4, Xbox One, PC – June 23
Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls – PS4 – June 27
The Golf Club 2 – PS4, Xbox One, PC – June 27
Elite Dangerous: Legendary Edition – PS4, Xbox One – June 27

There’s your lot for June. Not exactly bursting any doors wide open, but it’s still a strong showing. Tekken 7 will be a joy for fans and fighting game enthusiasts alike and WipEout Omega Collection as well as Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy will bring all the nostalgia you can take. June is all about E3 though so we’ll see you in the next couple of weeks covering all of the juicy news and reveals coming our way.

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