Rime’s Denuvo DRM has been cracked, and the game runs better without it

The controversial anti-piracy measure Denuvo DRM has been removed from Rime. In what might be the quickest crack for the system, it was successfully removed six days after launch. While there are many debates that surround the usage of Denuvo, in the case of Rime this is actually a welcome change.

Once Devuvo is removed from Rime, reportedly there is a significant performance increase. When a cracker was able to get a good look at the Denuvo implementation, it turns out to be one of the most brutish forms of Denuvo’s “triggers”. “Baldman” who claimed responsibility for the crack, has gone to explain just how poorly it was used.

In other games that used Denuvo, like Nier: Automata and Prey, there would be 1,000 “triggers” during start up and loading of saves. Other checks were done every few minutes with at most 1 to 2 triggers in each. Rime went well beyond these numbers to an alarming degree. When Rime starts up and loads a save, there are 300,000 “triggers” that are set off and during gameplay the checks are performed every second at 10-30 “triggers” each time.

It is thus not surprising that Rime was facing significant performance issues if Baldman’s claims are true. While no others have been able to confirm if the numbers are as insane as presented, Rime producer Cody Bradley acknowledged a “small performance hit” due to Denuvo.

This in turn now leads to Denuvo being completely removed from Rime on an official level. Two days after the game released on May 26th, developer Grey Box made a statement that Denuvo would remain until a crack would appear. Bradley was the one to write the post and stated: “It has always been our intention to remove Denuvo in the event of a crack.” He continued that the team “expect the protection to last two weeks, maybe three at most.” Yet Bradley overshot just how quick it would take and his offhanded dare to those looking to remove Denuvo did not help.

Hours ago, Grey Box acknowledged the crack and has announced it will carry out its promise. A patch will be released that will remove Denuvo and hopefully fix the performance issues found in Rime. While many are scrambling to call this a loss with the pirates “winning”, considering how badly Denuvo appears to be handled with the game, it might be better that it was cracked.

The main issue with DRM as a whole is that instead of becoming an anti-piracy measure, it can instead be used to punish legitimate consumers. Denuvo gave players a lesser experience, those who actually paid for the game. This is a considerable win for consumers and an important note of how DRM may prevent piracy at the expense of a buyer’s satisfaction.

It is great news that Grey Box will be doing the right thing and updating Rime to remove what in this specific situation, was a problem. No-one is sure if the overzealous Denuvo “triggers” were a bug or intentionally harsh but regardless, it should not have been in that state. No word yet on when the patch removing Denuvo will be available but it will come after the normal patch scheduled for next week.

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