Lost Sphear’s characters and areas showed off

Last week Tokyo RPG Factory announced a new game that they’re working on, set to be released in early 2018 on the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC called Lost Sphear. Following their announcement Lost Sphear’s website has since been updated showing off areas, characters and quite a lovely piece of symphony that I recommend turning up your volume whilst browsing the site.

Lost Sphear’s premise as we know from last week’s announcement is that the world is fading and the only thing that can save it is memories…memories that only one person can bring back in to the world. A young man with the “power of memories” named Kanata. Joined by two friends and a mysterious stranger, Kanata is tasked with the quest to save the world and restore its memories.

Below are screenshots courtesy of Siliconera from the game’s website on Kanata, his two friends Lumina and Locke as well as the stranger Vahn. As you can see in the images each wields their own form of weaponry namely a Sword, Bowgun, Martial Arts and a mysterious weapon known as a bit which Vahn wields.

Be sure to also check out a few areas from the game and screenshots on what an enemy encounter would look like below where you can still see a few elements from games such as Chrono Trigger.

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