Video: Our Tekken 7 parody

PC players will be able to enjoy the game as well, which is a first because the game has been console only since it’s inception. So what better way to celebrate this great fighting game than to dress up in some silly costume sand have some fun right? Well that is exactly what we did in the below Tekken 7 parody that takes place at a Tekken training house somewhere in Joburg.

E-sports is a big deal and if you want to win the big bucks you have to train hard. So these super fans have come together under one roof to train under the supervision of Mr Norman – the owner of the house, he might also be slightly insane. So check out out parody below and let us know what you think?

When I'm not playing games, I'm making silly videos about them. Join me on an epic quest to find the prettiest graphics in all the land!

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