The Burning Question: What are you hoping will be announced at E3?

Is it really that time of the year again? Perhaps I’m the only one surprised that this year has flown by so quickly, or maybe because so many great titles have released and I haven’t gotten around to play them all. With the year ahead and many more expected titles to come, E3 is going to be something most avid game enthusiasts will take the time to watch live to catch a glimpse of long awaited announcements and fresh news on games.

With all this anticipation one would normally scour the internet for anything resembling the opposite of Trump would call fake news. Over the years though, we’ve become accustomed to certain developers and publishers’ formula with an added surprise here and there. That said, we could easily determine some games with consistent annual releases of the next edition will have some new feature and probably a coat of paint and updated rosters. Let’s face it though, all we want is to see something new. A brand new IP or five, new and improved hardware and additions to current gen and showcases of new hardware to pique your interest. As it may seem, we have a few things in those categories to look forward to in some respects along with giving us an idea of how much we need to save or sacrifice to obtain some of these new goodies.

This brings me to the question: What can and do we expect from E3 this year? Our team has deliberated on this very subject over the time leading up to next week’s electronics entertainment extravaganza (maybe they should call it that). With all the games, publishers, studios and hardware manufacturers currently on the market, it’s not easy to sort through them all and choose a handful of things that you are craving to get more info on. Luckily, some of us have come to a conclusion and have provided some insights into our thoughts of what we expect and want from E3 2017.

Charlie Small

Our resident craft beer enthusiast and ex master race player of the group has hopes that Sony will finally give up on the failure that is PS Now and give all PlayStation 4 owners proper backwards compatibility for PS3. He realises that this is a tall order and that we know that is as likely as Sony giving free PS4 Pro upgrades to normal PS4 owners. (One can hope!)

Charlie added that, like the majority of players on this site, we are in desperate need of some gameplay of Red Dead Redemption 2, which would be amazing if possible this early in production. And after the teaser we saw at last years E3, God of War better make a more detailed showing at this year’s conference. Please. For Aeris’ sake, make this happen.

Daniel Viegas (not Vegas, get it right)

The new man behind the epic Twin Peaks post and love of Japanese games along with the weirdness from the gaming world, we expected nothing more than mention of 13 Sentinels and Yakuza 6 and what he expects from these, probably not too well known in most circles, but massively entertaining titles none the less.

This will be developer Vanillaware’s first new IP since 2013’s Dragon Crown. Vanillaware are masters of 2D visuals and animation with the majority of their games standing the test of time. Announced two years ago, Atlus has confirmed 13 Sentinels will have a presence at the show. Beyond the excitement of some new gorgeous Vanillaware artwork, it will be exciting to see how the studio ups the ante. 13 Sentinels will be a sci-fi mech setting which is very different for a studio that usually works with fantasy and folklore. What Daniel really would want to see are some good and long gameplay demos. There is still a lot we don’t know from the enemies to the the state of a Mech-run world. How will the mechs play and what new mechanics will be implemented to that classic Beat-em-up format? E3 will likely give us the answers. We’re expecting a late 2017 to early 2018 release date on 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim.

Daniel has also pointed out some of his “do not wants” for the aforementioned game. Vanillaware has a track record for being on the straight and narrow when it comes to video game industry nastiness. Realistically, at worst you can expect some pre-order bonuses and a pricey collectors edition. If we were to ponder how bad it could get, the worst Atlus could drum up is to carve the game up into an episodic format. The chances of this are basically nonexistent. We believe the internal debate of dropping top coin for a big collectors box should be the biggest concern for fans.

Next on his list is Yakuza 6. Yakuza 0 was a surprise hit this year on a much bigger scale than ever before. The fans always sang the praises of the franchise through the good and bad times with regards to Western release. With Yakuza now something more can appreciate, Yakuza 6 is looking to bring the fire. Small snippets have been shown of Yakuza 6 from Beat Takeshi’s involvment (which should have you frothing) and some of the mini-games. A new trailer giving some story will likely be present, that is undeniable. What should be coming along with it is a late 2017 or early 2018 release date. Some longer gameplay demos will definitely be there but Yakuza is Yakuza and the name alone is enough to know what to expect.

And the “do not wants”, the worst that could happen is simply a lack of presence. Yakuza 6 is confirmed to be at E3 2017 but we don’t know to what capacity. Yakuza creator and producer Toshihiro Nagoshi famously likes to toy with the fanbase. Just recently he did an entire stream for the game where nothing happened for three hours. At its worst we just get a small story trailer with scenes already shown before. However, with the franchise taking a bigger step on the gaming world’s stage, it should have more to show off and get the fans ready.

Dave Kozlowski

Dave “Content King” Kozlowski, the village graphics ho who prefers to dine off his man toy’s abs and has the opportunity to physically attend E3 this year, hopes to finally not only see, but experience gameplay for one of his/our most anticipated games of the year, Star Wars: Battlefront 2. We’ve heard that EA have fixed many issues such as the hero combat and token system, and we want to see for ourselves just how these changes impact the game. Also, if players get the opportunity to take control Darth Maul, then he might leave the booth looking as if he just visited by a spooky ghost – that’s a South Park reference, go YouTube that right now 😉

In terms of hardware, he believes Scorpio has the horse power to “Show me the greeefiiixeesses! Just show nothing but the greffiixeess!”. Err errm,  that is all he cares about, the overwhelming need to see something running on the Scorpio and if it looks pretty then it will automatically be the best console of all time regardless of price and OS problems or whether there’ll be any games available at launch, and the fact that he’ll soon be overcome with fame as he adorns the crown of YouTube and streaming king of the entire universe.

Marko Swanepoel

Marko “Swaggerpool” our rock’n’roll super star and literary poetic giant feels, as I do too, that Microsoft needs to step up their game and their E3 conference will be a great indication of where they are heading. He’s expecting their usual fare with their established franchises, but there needs to be new IPs. Games that push the boundaries and do more, like how Horizon Zero Dawn did for Sony. It is also their opportunity to enlighten us on their plans with the Scorpio. Sure, it will be an immensely powerful console, capable of tremendous feats and has Dave frothing at the mouth, but what can we actually do with it? What incentive do we have for buying this upgraded model? If there are no games, there will be no purpose (except for Dave). We want to see Microsoft succeed, since some of us still own their console, but they’ve been way too quiet and stagnant lately.

Marko feels that Bethesda always has something up their sleeve and they’re always notoriously quiet. We only had very loose rumours about Fallout 4′s existence and then they suddenly announced that the game will be coming out in 6 months. Now, if we look at the usual trajectory for their titles, it is about time for a new Elder Scrolls game. Skyrim came out in 2011 and we have yet to see the series debut on the current generation outside of the remaster. He thinks there is a slight possibility that they’ll surprise us, but won’t put too much stock into it. He mentioned that the rumours and speculations are very sparse and we haven’t even received a hint of its existence. But once again, that’s what usually happens.

As we all have seen in the past and leading up to the next expo, Sony has been progressively killing it during their E3 conferences, but they always promise stuff that are years away. Final Fantasy VII Remake, Kingdom Hearts 3, Shenmue 3, God of War, The Last of Us Part 2, Death Stranding and so on, are titles that we hear about every time, but aren’t concrete and most often smothered in mystery. Like Charlie and most other gamers, we’re expecting God of War and maybe Detroit: Become Human to be major showcases that will release this year, but there are so many more titles that we need to hear news about. Marko the giant wants a dynamite showing once more from the console manufacturer of similar stature, but Sony should stop feeding us dreams and give us something real.

Kyle Boshoff

Kyle of the North! OK, I’m probably the only person that refers to him as that. The ex-Capetonian now residing in the UK with varied taste for anything game related shared his views on his expectations and feelings towards E3.

He goes on to state that this year’s E3 be a bit of a double-edged sword for him. On the one end, he’s really excited to see what’s about to happen and on the other, watching it from the confines of his laptop will be a shitty experience as he was meant to attend this year along with David and Dawid (double D’s, ha!). Due to some clerk behind a glass booth, Kyle’s visa to the US was denied and the dream has died with it. Highly unfortunate, and we can all sympathise. Although salty, he’s not salty enough to not stay up late at night and gawk at what Sony has to offer.

As you can deduce from his statement above, Kyle looks forward to the Sony and Bethesda shows. This year is no different, so here’s a summary what he hopes to see.

Not too long ago he wrote a post about the Bethesda invite that looked as if two new IPs were going to be mentioned at E3. We’re interested to see if this happens, especially considering most of their titles have already been released, and a showcase with no new games would be boring. As a collective, we wouldn’t be surprised by a new Elder Scrolls game or a sequel to their reboot/not reboot DOOM. Since the Prey sequel was cancelled, we’re not expecting anything in the sci-fi genre. Kyle highly doubts that Fallout will feature as it’s still being played now and all available content has been released to the world. All in all, if they’re going to have a good show, they’re going to need to bring out some new games.

The second show is Sony, THE reason Kyle woke up early for every year for the past 6 years (such dedication). He admits that he was a bit let down with Sony’s show last year, but mainly because he was convinced that an announcement for The Last of Us 2 would be made, and all we got was that Days Gone bulldust. Yeah, I felt that too. This year he expects to see, obviously, new exclusives. He does however have doubts about whether we’re going to see anything more than a Final Fantasy VII Remake. Since the big push to get more staff, we’re starting to think the game isn’t anywhere near showable. If there is any sort of “demo”, it’ll more than likely be short and won’t contain a lot of gameplay.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is another title he hopes to see and hear more of as it’s been too long and he need some answers. Other than that, Kyle wants some goodies from Naughty Dog, not necessarily The Last of Us 2, but more of the Uncharted expansion and any future IPs. Not that it will happen, but he believes that if Sony wants to blow everyone away, then they should probably announce a huge price slash for PlayStation Plus subscriptions.

Oh, before we end off with Kyle, he would like over and above all to see anything about this one game. Can’t really recall exactly what it was. Something Cyber whatever Punk thing 2077. He muttered something about it being “5 years and It’s time we see some more” or something to those lines. No clue what he’s on about. Think it’s got to do with the new accent he’s adopted.

Abigail Holden

The better and non-hairy half of our lovable Wookiee with a penchant for anything LEGO would love to see new expansion pack for Sims 4. Unfortunately the Sims team have already said they won’t be announcing anything at EA Play. Still, in her own words, a Simmer can dream!

Abigail would also like more news about new LEGO Dimensions add-ons, including new story packs or franchises being added, especially cool new minifigs. The absolute Star Wars nut would love to see an announcement made for a new Star Wars single-player RPG. That’s a great addition for the idea board, but on a more realistic note, she’s keen to hear more about this ‘open world’ Star Wars game EA is apparently working on, and a hopefully less buggy and no collagen paralysis faced sequel to Mass Effect: Andromeda.

With her next expectation we can start seeing a trend in what most of us want, and it’s none other than God of War. Enthralled by the trailer at the last conference, she admits it’s a clear headliner for Sony IF we get to see anything more than just trailers.

Zain Moosa

Fire Moosa, collector of Pokémon, player of Fire Emblem and part-time Russel Peters stunt double. A man capable of endless discussion abut various games and franchises shares his thoughts on what E3 should present to the world.

From Bethesda, he’d love an announcement on something new for Fallout. Fallout 5 perhaps. Not really hoping for gameplay or a date of release or anything, just a teaser so that he knows that there is a bun in the oven. But with Bethesda’s track record of making announcements for games coming out in the next six months or a year, he’s doubtful that this will happen especially since there are rumors on a new Wolfenstein and The Evil Within titles. With that, he’d love to see more on their Fallout 4 VR title, this should fill that Fallout craving he currently has.

On the Nintendo front, he stated that the likes of Pokémon, other than the mere morsels we received during the Pokémon Direct. Even though he may not own a Switch just yet he hopes to see some coverage on Super Mario Odyssey. As expected, he yearns for more Fire Emblem ANYTHING! We’ve seen a lot of it in 2017 and he hopes to see a ton of it for 2018 at E3. Monster Hunter XX boils his blood in anticipation (probably not as much as Fire Emblem) and is yet another reason why he needs a Switch in his life, especially for the cross-play capabilities with the 3DS. Lastly, Super Smash Bros. Because, why not?

From a hardware perspective, Zain would love to see more variants of the Joy-Cons for Switch as well as rumours on a SNES Classic.

Zain also believes that Nintendo needs to pull a rabbit out of a hat in order to make waves at this years E3 to sate the Pokémon fans. With Super Mario Odyssey taking the show floor, but it’s going to take more than Pokken Tournament to bring Pokémon fans back to the Nintendo realm.

And in his own words: “Who am I kidding, Nintendo and The Pokémon Company know that I’ll buy all their titles no matter how many times they release it!”


Dawid Venter

The Main Man, the Big Wig, the collector of note! Dawid “Toasty” Venter will be one of the lucky few to attend E3 three this year and has taken time out of his busy schedule in prepping for the trek to ‘Murica to share his views with us.

Being in the position that he is, he unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you want to paint it) knows about one or two unannounced titles. However, like most of us, there are definitely many things he has no knowledge of – one in particular being Nintendo.

To Dawid It’s obvious that we’ll see Super Mario Odyssey and Splatoon 2 making a splash and asked the question “but what new could be on the horizon?”  Above all, he’s hoping for one game in particular. A new Metroid game, and the guys who worked on Metroid Prime, Retro Studios, have been far too quiet. Dawid has a intuitive gut feeling that their game will finally be shown off. They’ve dropped some hints on Twitter that links to Metroid Prime, so one can hope. Other than that he’d love a new Prince of Persia or Splinter Cell from Ubisoft, perhaps The Evil Within 2 and Wolfenstein sequel rumours to be true in the Bethesda camp and praying to the gaming gods that Microsoft comes through with new and impressive IP’s – they really need it.

As for Sony? Dawid is a huge fan of the Resident Evil series and wouldn’t mind a Resident Evil 2 remake (yes, from Capcom) making a showing, though we all think it’s highly unlikely. That’s what dreams are for, right?

That’s it for now. I’m sure if all of us here at SA Gamer had to weigh in then this could possibly be the longest post in this site’s history. These are some of our views on what we want from E3 2017 and we’ll sit with fingers and toes crossed most of it comes true and the “do not wants” stays down in the pits of hell where they belong. Now we’d like to hear from you fellow game enthusiasts and technology nuts on what your expectations are for E3.

Care to share? We love hearing from you guys.

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