Heroes prepare thyselves for the Tempest Trials in Fire Emblem Heroes

Starting today fans will see a new event launch in Fire Emblem Heroes known as Tempest Trials. This event will have players battling through a number of maps non-stop until you’ve reached the end. Whats more is that heroes that fall during a battle will not be revived until you’ve completed the maps set forth in the trial. If all heroes on your roster chosen for the trial have been defeated you’ll have to begin the trial from the beginning. Another intriguing piece of information is that heroes will not regenerate in HP from map to map so you best put your best foot forward or in this case your best heroes.

The trials will grant players several different difficulties to choose from. Once you’ve cleared all maps a score will be tallied depending on the number of heroes you have left, the speed that you’ve completed the maps in as well as the number of maps you’ve completed in the trial. The more times you clear the maps the more score you’ll earn. Make sure to rack up those points though as the higher your score the better your prize pool.

Rewards include:
Marth: Enigmatic Blade (*4 Star Hero)
Marth: Enigmatic Blade (*5 Star Hero)
Sacred Seal: Breath of Life 1 (If unit initiates attack, adjacent allies recover 3 HP after combat.)
Sacred Seal: Quickened Pulse (Special cooldown count -1 at start of turn 1.)

However if players exceed a score of one billion points within five days (that is before or on the 13th of June) of the event’s launch then all players will receive 10 orbs and 5,000 hero feathers.

The event will run from the 8th of June to the 22nd of June.

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