Minecraft would have had cross-play with PS4, but Sony refused

Like it or not, Minecraft is huge. Some of us don’t necessarily realise just how massive it is since we don’t fall into the younger demographic that dominates the game. It’s easy to scoff at the now old title, but one look at YouTube will tell you that it’s still going immensely strong. So Microsoft’s announcement at their conference that they’ll be unifying Minecraft on all their platforms including the Nintendo Switch, to allow for cross-platform play was huge. But there’s someone who isn’t on board. Sony.

Speaking to GamesBeat, Minecraft communications boss, Aubrey Norris, made the following statement:

:We can’t speak for Sony, But as we said, we would love to have our PlayStation 4 community join our Minecraft unification plans.”

While not explicitly saying it, it sounds like Sony is refusing to comply with the cross-play plans. It’s not the first time that Sony has refused the offer for this and they have been notoriously difficult with any plans for cross-platform functionality.

This will be frustrating for Minecraft fans that wish to play with friends on PS4, but this is also part of a bigger issue. Why is Sony being so non-complacent regarding cross-platform functionality? There might be myriad technical reasons that we don’t necessarily know about or Sony are being selfish and trying to keep their player base in one place.

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