A Way Out will not feature online matchmaking

Every year at the EA Press Conference, there is a spotlight given to the EA Originals program. This year’s game was A Way Out by Hazelight Studio, the developer behind Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons. With a strong trailer and interesting gameplay pitch, the focus on a co-op narrative game looks very different.

Talking to Eurogamer, Hazelight confirmed some of the elements with regards to A Way Out. One of the more standout pieces of information came from how players will have find their respective character in the prison breakout. Director Josef Fares confirmed that players will not be able to play with just anyone. A Way Out will not feature any kind of online random matchmaking.

Fares said: “It’s cocky but the experience is made to be co-op. This is the game.” This means that the only options for players is to have a partner on the couch, or connect with a friend online. There is still no confirmation whether or not A Way Out will feature any form of single-player. All reports state to A Way Out being a co-op only experience and that single-player will not be an option.

It does make some sense to remove the option for random matchmaking however. A Way Out’s gameplay appears to be deeply tied to its narrative. Players will likely have to be on the same wavelength in how they approach the prison break between characters Leo and Vincent. Random players might be an oddity that breaks the flow of the progression or harms the story Hazelight is trying to craft.

A Way Out definitely looks like a game willing to take some risks. The split-screen narrative design stands out from the crowd no matter how you look at it. It is hard to think of any other game so focused on a co-operative experience especially through story. A Way Out is set for early 2018 so the wait won’t be long. This also gives those lonely players out there a chance to make a friend to help through prison life.

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