Nvidia gives us first look at Destiny 2 on PC in all its 4K 60 fps glory

Bungie confirmed that Destiny 2 will be locked at 30 fps for consoles, including the recently announced Xbox One X. They did however say that the PC version of the game will not be locked, and you’ll be able to play it at 4K resolution with 60 fps, provided you have a rig that can handle it.

Nvidia released a clip of PC gameplay for the Destiny 2 that give us a bit of an idea what us console peasants will be missing out on, and man am I jealous:

It’s only a short clip of the opening mission, but man does it look pretty! There is no mention of what type of hardware is being used, but we can assume that a GTX1080 Ti is being used, at least. But one thing is for sure, those of us who will be playing on console is definitely missing out on some stunning visuals.

If you do own a PS4 Pro, you can always load the YouTube video on the console’s app and watch it on your 4K TV in all it’s glory, and the cry a little bit afterwards. Future Xbox One X owners will have to wait a bit before they can do that. Here is the same level, but with keyboard and mouse.

Source: PCGamer

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