E3 hands-on and interview: Far Cry 5

So today was my opportunity to finally get 30 minutes alone with the cultists and wildlife in Far Cry 5. The demo started off on top of a hill overlooking a small town with a population of around 38. The cultists have moved in and already started spreading the word of “The Father”, their cultist leader, and the town was littered with bad guys sporting mullets and shotguns.

As I started I got the opportunity to choose one of three guns for hire to join me in liberating the town. There was Nick, a pilot who you can call in to do strafing runs as well as drop bombs on the enemies. Grace, a sharpshooter that you can command to take up a certain vantage point. And lastly a friendly looking dog that can take down enemies silently as well as bringing you weapons in his mouth.

I decided to choose Nick and I kicked off the assault with a bang as Nick flew by releasing his payload of bombs. I made light work of the rest of the bad guys in town and then headed towards an airfield where I was actually introduced to Nick face to face.

Nick then told me to take his plane and go destroy some enemy convoys, so I quickly took him up on the offer. The flight controls took a little getting used to because you can only fly from a first person perspective. I would have preferred a third person camera mode to better feel out the flying but according to the developers you can only fly in first person.

I took off and quickly started blowing up enemy supplies and a convoy and just when I thought I was done an enemy plane appeared on the horizon. The cultists wanted me dead so they sent their own special operations guy after me who flew in what looked like a P51 Mustang.

The difficulty was pretty low so he went down pretty quickly thanks to a perfectly placed rocket to his wing which sent him down in a ball of flames. After that the demo had ended but I got to start again and try a different approach.

This time I chose Grace the sniper as my gun for hire and commanded her to take up position in a water tower overlooking the town. I gave her the order to fire and she wasted no time taking out an extra couple of bad guys while I moved into the town to dispatch the rest. Instead of heading to the airfield this time around I marked a lake on my map and headed towards that.

I encountered a few random cultists on the walk over there but it seems they did not expect me to have sticks of dynamite in my backpack. I lit a few sticks and played a one sided game of catch that left the cultists re-thinking their life decisions. Once they were out of the way I proceeded to the very picturesque lake that looked like something off a postcard.

It was here that I was able to try out some of the fishing mechanics that were actually surprisingly realistic. I have done a lot of fly fishing in real life and I applied the same techniques to tire the fish out without snapping the line and managed to land a 51 pound fish – apparently the record is 55 so that’s not too bad.

After I landed my fish more cultists rocked up in a truck behind me but luckily Grace was at the ready and used their torsos to zero in her rifle while I continued fishing to the ambient sounds of deer and gun fire.

Then I got a tap on the shoulder and my session came to an end. I loved my short time with the game however and I feel that Montana makes for a more interesting setting than what we have seen in previous Far Cry games. The fact that you can hire teammates to help you out is a great addition, and according to the developers there are plenty more guns for hire in the game.
I then got to sit down with Darryl Long the producer on the game to ask him a few questions about the game, take a look at it below and let us know what you think of the game so far?

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