Behind Closed Doors: Spider-Man (PS4 Pro)

Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a PS4 Pro Spider-Man can! Now that the song is stuck in your head it’s probably a good time to tell you that the new Insomniac Spider-Man game is looking spectacular. We had the chance to sit with the developers who showed off more footage of the much anticipated game, Spider-Man.

There is no web of lies, you can play it as you please

Spider-Man won’t be another origins movie, instead it’ll take place in a world where Spider-Man has been saving civilisation from harm’s way for quite some time. Ryan Snyder, Chief Brand Officer at Insomniac, introduced us to one of the top animators in their team, James, who won an internal competition at Insomniac games as the best player of their new game. The idea about this is to prove that their press briefing demo (the one you would have seen in the Sony Press Conference) was not just an on-rails demo, but that everything in it can be experienced in its own unique way.

In the Spider-Man game, Spidey himself is at the height of his game and a master of his craft. With all the experience he’s gained up to this point he has a high level of what they call acrobatic improvisation. What do they mean by this? There is a huge focus on chaining combos together and turning enemies against each other. Yes, I know you’re thinking, “Err… you mean Batman Arkham series?”, but thanks to our web-slinging friend he will be using the environment creatively to his advantage.

We were about to see the same section that we witnessed in the Sony Press Briefing, only that it was being played in real-time and that there were some additional battles to show off Spidey’s various movies. It starts off exactly where Spidey must take on Fisk’s enemies whereby he uses a combination of web attacks to make short work of their threat. Unlike the attack pattern in the original video, which followed more of a stealthy approach, James is playing it quite aggressively. Foes are being pulled and swung all over the show like puppets as he makes his way towards Mr. Negative.

With great power comes great respons… okay fine, you get the point

In the fresh gameplay footage, we witness James performing some spectacular combos that involved both physical punching and kicking moves combined with web moves that ultimately ends up in what they call Active Finishers. Once you perform those you’ll end the battle against any foe and it’ll have Spidey performing impressive cinematic signature moves. These signature moves include you knocking enemies up into the air, fighting them in the air, slinging them off the end of buildings and pulling them back in to finally impact web them into the ground (think of it as a ground pound web move). You really do feel like Spider-Man and later this year Insomniac will detail specific stances to the already impressive moves list. The real question many of you might have is, “But does it feel like you swing like Spider-Man?”

Ryan tells is that web slinging is authentic and that you will be attaching webs to buildings (and other vehicles or items) to swing. We witness it with Spidey chasing the chopper through the city of what looks like Manhattan, but unlike the press briefing demo where all goes smoothly, James has one or two mistakes pop up to prove that he’s just human. As it draws to a close, and he ties the helicopter up between two buildings, we see Miles making a showing again. Ryan promises that we’ll hear more later this year about him, and about other villains in the game other than Mr. Negative.

Seeing the game running on a 4K screen in the demo was absolutely beautiful. Smaller details, like Spider-Man’s suit rippling through the wind as he brushes against the air that the chopper is letting off looks rather spectacular and is an example of the small detail they’ve gone into for the game.

Spider-Man is set to release in 2018 exclusively on the PS4. If your spidey senses are tingling it’s doing so for a reason, because the game is looking quite exceptional.

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