Anthem is getting a 10 year plan as well

Remember how Destiny was supposed to have a 10 year plan? Well, the fact that the sequel is coming out in a few months is technically still supporting the game, but it kind of defeated the original intention. 10 years is an immensely long time when you put it into perspective. 10 years ago, we were just getting out of the boy band phase in music and the iPhone was considered radical new technology. To support a game for such an extended period of time is pretty insane.

Now it seems that BioWare’s Anthem is also getting the decade treatment. Speaking to Larry Hyrb “Major Nelson” during a livestream, executive vice president Patrick Söderlund said that Anthem has been worked on by BioWare for four years already and that EA plan to support the game for 10 years. Now, if anyone wants EA, the granddaddies of gaming industry horse hockey, to “support” a game for 10 years, then you should get yourself checked.

However, this tells us that Anthem is in for the long haul and is probably going to be in direct competition with Destiny 2 within the pseudo-MMO co-op shooter genre. We’ll see how EA handles their “support” which probably includes excessive microtransaction implementation, but Anthem will be sticking around for a while.

Source: VG247

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