Diablo 3’s Rise of the Necromancer releases next week

If you mention Diablo 2, someone is going to tell you about their Necromancer build. There was just something about the class, with its army of undead soldiers doing all the dirty work for you that people could not get enough of. Diablo 3 never had the undead raising hero and the community has been asking for it for ages.

Now the Necromancer is joining Diablo 3, with his own runes and passive abilities, bone spear and corpse explosions and all. Get ready to curse enemies and lead your very own army to victory. The class has been seriously tweaked on the PTR, as beta testers found the most overpowered item and skill combinations and broke greater rifts. The changes came so quick and often that you would sometimes login to a character that could barely handle the difficulty you were breezing through earlier that same day. Just as well they are worked out before release, so you don’t get too attached to new abilities and chase after “must-have” legendary items that suddenly take a nerf hammer just as soon as you get them.

The Rise of the Necromancer costs $15 and is out next week. It includes a golem pet, wings, two extra character slots, two stash tabs and Necromancer portrait, banner, sigil, accent, and Blood Master pennant. Seeing as people were asking years ago if there was no way to just pay money for more stash space, getting it as part of a new class is quite the value add.

Get ready for blood, bone and a host of undead followers on June 27.

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