Friday the 13th gets free DLC and double XP weekend

Friday the 13th the Game came out near a month ago and is a polarising endeavour. When it works, it is an incredible multiplayer experience. When it more often doesn’t, it is a broken mess. Publisher Gun Media is giving players some goodies as an apology for the server and progression issues.

In a small Content Update #1 trailer above, the publisher gave a message with both a thanks and a sorry. By noting how the player base far exceeded their expectations, they were not prepared. So while they do give thanks for the support, they also offer an apology they were not ready for it. So to try and make amends alongside continuous patching, the team is offering some free goodies for players.

The first offering is some new outfits for the counsellors. Each counsellor will get two new outfits and players will get 13000 customisation points to spend. The team also announced that this coming weekend, players will earn double XP in matches. This will go from June 23rd to June 25th and is the first event for the game.

Finally, the team showed off the last and probably best bit of DLC. Classic Jason is the new Skin for everyone’s lovable vengeful son. This skin is based off the the Jason colour scheme from the original Friday The 13th NES Game. Now notorious as an LJN trainwreck, it has become a joke within the industry. Stupidly hard with convoluted progression, it is revered as one of the worst of the NES and the prime example of developer LJN’s low quality. Now Jason will be rocking the purple jumpsuit once again to kill all those sexually hungry campers. A fun little addition too is that the skin is accompanied with a chip-tune remix. Unfortunately it is not that infectious loop from the NES game.

Patches are still on the way – slowly fixing the game bit by bit. While patches are welcomed, it is fair to criticise the game for launching in the state it did. This was not an Early-Access release, this was the final product. It is disappointing as Friday the 13th The Game can be wonderful when everything works just right. From player interaction to the cat-and-mouse gameplay, it is a lot of fun. Yet these moments are marred by bug after bug. Free DLC is a nice gesture, but it still does not fix that money was put down for an unpolished product.

All this DLC is available now and is free on all platforms. The double XP weekend is coming soon so players can go and kill some counsellors or escape the embodiment of mommy issues. Since we are in the retro feeling, maybe we should share that in the immortal Game Over screen from the NES game:

That should be on a tombstone somewhere.

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