Get the first episode of Hitman for free

There’s something wonderful about getting something completely free of charge. No matter how rich you are, you’ll always appreciate a free lunch. Same can be said about getting games gratis and no, getting games for review doesn’t count because you still have to work for them. It’s also the reason why people are so excited for the upcoming PS Plus and Games with Gold games every month, even though you are technically paying for them.

Developers IO Interactive have now gone fully independent since their messy breakup with Square Enix. Since they retained the rights to the Hitman franchise, they also now have full control over the distribution and handling of the titles of the franchise. It seems their first order of business is to spread some goodwill with fans and people that have yet to experience the new instalment into the franchise. The first episode of Hitman is now completely free on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The first episode titled The Showstopper contains two story missions, two escalation contracts, 40 challenges and 17 trophies/achievements. A sizable episode that you can get for the low price of nothing. Many episodic games employ this strategy after all the episodes have been released as a sort of appetiser for the rest of the game. Life is Strange recently had its first episode released for free as well.

While somewhat of a business move, this can also be seen as an act of liberation for IO Interactive. Since they are now an independent studio with their own blockbuster IP, it’s great that they now have the freedom to provide this to fans. So if you don’t have the game already, you might as well go give it a shot now. You have nothing to lose and word on the street is that it’s pretty dope. You can find the free content on the platform of choice here.

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