Video: Watch someone play Super Mario Bros. World 1-1 in first-person using Hololens

There is no more iconic level in gaming than Super Mario’s World 1-1. Someone decided that it was a good idea to rebuild the world in the original Super Mario Bros. using 3D Unity for the Hololens, and it actually looks better than you might think.

The person who put it together, Abhishek Singh, tested his creation out in Central Park New York where he quite literally entered the Mushroom Kingdom playing as Mario himself. The below video was recorded using Hololens without any post-production being required. All the pits, warp pipes, clouds, blocks, question mark blocks, Goombas and everything you can think of makes an appearance in this game Singh created… even the hidden 1-Up Mushroom. He can even shoot fireballs by snapping his fingers. Yes, this is the future and we want it. NOW!

Get a look at what he created below, but be warned, you’re going to want it:

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