Overwatch loot boxes will give you less duplicates in future

Overwatch has been under a spotlight recently for its loot boxes which, well, people aren’t too happy with. Jeff Kaplan mentioned near the beginning of the Overwatch Anniversary event that he and his team are listening to feedback about loot boxes. We did some head scratching and thought of 10 ways that Overwatch could have better loot boxes too.

It looks like the team as worked out what to do to change loot boxes without upsetting everyone on the internet. Blizzard is busy testing a new loot box system on the PTR that has a “drastically reduced” chance of giving you duplicates. To make up for losing your main source of gaining credits, credit drops will be a more significant chunk of change. This will make opening boxes so much more satisfying and means that those special event loot boxes won’t award you junk you got a year ago. Well, at least not every box now.

Here is the developer update with Jeff Kaplan. He discusses the loot box changes at 4:20. There are also some pretty cool replay / highlight changes coming, including a “I wish I recorded that” button.

More notes are available at playoverwatch.com

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