New documentary series covers Final Fantasy XIV

Danny O’Dwyer has gone on to do some amazing work since starting Noclip. The crowdfunded documentary channel has covered topics spanning across the gaming world. Now, Noclip brings what might be the channel’s biggest documentary yet. Noclip presents a documentary series on Final Fantasy XIV.

The three part series will cover what might be the biggest comeback story in the video game industry. From a sub-par MMO that seemed doomed from launch, to now one of the biggest on the market. In Part 1, it covers the initial development and launch of FFXIV version 1.0. The documentary includes interviews with many of the developers that worked on the original game, it is something incredible. It also includes localisers, designers and even leaders of the community to discussing that original game’s launch and subsequent fallout. The documentary also interviews some high profile members of Square Enix including CEO Yosuke Matsuda.

Before jumping into a thorough look at the development team, it is important to get an idea of what Final Fantasy XIV was and is now. O’Dwyer mentions Speaker Network’s The Fall and Rise of Final Fantasy XIV series. It is a closer look at the gameplay elements found in Final Fantasy XIV and goes more into the serious issues with design. They are well worth a watch before jumping into Noclip’s documentary for a player’s perspective.

Noclip has become one of the best documentary channels on YouTube. A small genre of in-depth retrospectives have always existed on the website. These videos are often longer and detailed analytical looks at video games, studios, stories and development. Yet none have gone quite as far as Noclip to produce such content with high production value. There is a level of professionalism that one does not often associate with YouTube.

On the NoClip channel there is no shortage of content to keep you busy. If you wish to support Noclip, you can donate on their Patreon page. For all unedited interviews, supporters can chip in $10 a month. The second part is scheduled to release later today with the third coming on the 28th of June.

If this has sparked any interest in try FFXIV, the game is now offering a Free Trail with no time limit. Players can get up to level 35 before they have to pay. This release also coincides with the recently launched Stormblood Expansion which is the second for the MMO. Despite a bumpy start, many fans seem to be liking the next chapter in the Final Fantasy XIV saga.

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