Planning to play Forza 7 in 4K? We hope you have a lot of bandwidth

Games have had a meteoric rise in size during the current generation. During the PS3/Xbox 360 lifecycle, games were at most 10 GB. Some gigantic games such as Skyrim were only 5 GB in size. Patches were a few megabytes at most and if you saw a patch that was over a gig, it was worthy of being a news story. Now games are clocking in at around an average of 50 GB and our hard drives are constantly full. Now, with the ushering of 4K gaming and in particular the Xbox One X, game sizes are about to take another gigantic leap, starting with Forza 7.

If you own an Xbox One X and you get Forza 7, the 4K assets will set you back a cool 100 GB. That is more than 1/5th of the Xbox One’s starting HDD space. A Microsoft spokesperson told Stevivor the following:

With the launch of Xbox One X, when it comes to game content our intention is to download the correct assets to the correct console. This means, regardless of the TV you are playing on, 4K assets will be downloaded to Xbox One X (if available) and the standard 1080p assets will be downloaded to an Xbox One S.

So, the good news is that owners of the original Xbox One as well as the Xbox One S will not receive the 4K assets since they are obviously redundant. However, if you do have an Xbox One X, you’ll need to download the full 100 GB. Which is obviously a bit insane with our internet infrastructure.

South Africans who have not been touched by the glorious fibre gods will have a tough time justifying such beefy downloads with the speed causing it to take forever and the bandwidth causing it to put you halfway to the fair use cap just like that. It’s going to be rough on us South Africans who choose to get an Xbox One X and want to experience the glory of 4K. That said, if you can afford a 4K TV and an Xbox One X, you probably have fibre in your home.

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