SGDQ 2017 starts running this Sunday

It is that time of the year again: E3 has come and gone and the “summer drought” is in full swing. This also means it is time for another week long speedrun-a-ganza! Summer Games Done Quick 2017 officially starts this Sunday on July 2nd.

The entire schedule is up on the official website. Don’t fret over pesky conversions as the times are all set to local. The list shows the estimated time of the run’s start, the estimated completion time underneath, the name of the game and the respective runner (couch excluded). Looking at the list, there are definitely some wild cards.

The list spans across the gaming landscape. Nearly every genre has its due and almost all major platforms represented. Opening the show will be NieR: Automata which has only been out for just under four months at the time of the run. It is worth checking the list and setting reminders for those you have to see. Personal recommendations go towards the Pokémon runs which are always a treat.

As usual, the speedrunning rules are expansive. From the straight “legit” runs to the game breaking bug exploiting ones. There are the handicap runs to the pressure filled races. Then, there are those special runs I like to call “train wrecks”. When everything that can go wrong will. When this is coupled with an early morning time frame, it becomes nothing short of a joy. For one of the most prolific examples, below is the now infamous Jak and Daxter run by Bonesaw577 from last year’s SGDQ. It is truly a spectacle to behold.

It is always important to remember that Games Done Quick is always for a good cause. Aside from just a community showcase, viewers are able to donate to charity. As per tradition, Summer Games Done Quick will be giving all donations to Doctors Without Borders. Considering the massive success of this year’s Awesome Games Done Quick, SGDQ is looking to make a big difference around the world.

Donations however, do have their own incentives. Donations can not only be tied to a message read live on stream but even weirder options. From simple in game decisions, naming characters to even huge handicaps. It definitely adds to the fun. This is not even mentioning the tradition of killing or saving the animals in the Super Metroid run.

So get yourself ready because Summer Games Done Quick is looking to take your time away. The Stream begins at 18:30 this Sunday. Find below all the important links that you will need to get the best out of SGDQ. If you are in the mood to see some older runs, you can also check out the Games Done Quick YouTube page which has all runs archived. Even the bad ones.

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