Livestream: Let’s try out Conan Exiles today

Yesterday I received a message from a cool cat named Dominic. He had been watching my streams and for those that have seen any of them you will know that I always ask you guys what game you would like to see streamed. Dominic sent me a suggestion to play Conan: Exiles, a game I know little to nothing about. I also didn’t own the game but it seemed to be relatively cheap on the Steam sale so I decided to buy it, download it, and fulfill Dominic’s request.

All I know about Conan: Exiles is that it is an online multiplayer game that can be compared to games like Rust, where you have to build up your character as well as a home base. There is obviously a lot more to it than that so why don’t we find out if it is any good or not together? Check it out below.

We playing CONAN: EXILES

This game choice – CONAN: EXILES, was suggests by Dominic, I have never played it before so let's go on this journey together 🙂

Posted by Super2bit on Friday, 30 June 2017

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