Livestream: We are trying out LawBreakers

The master mind behind the highly successful Gears of War series, Cliff Bleszinski, has a new game in development, and it’s looking to be shaping up very nicely. The game is LawBreakers and it a highly fast paced online FPS that will be out in August and retail for $30 instead of the usual $60. That is already a good start but the question is, how does the game play?

With Overwatch growing it’s player base daily and Quake Champions out in a few months there is some stiff competition around in the online multiplayer FPS scene. LawBreakers is trying some new things with vertical gameplay such as a grappling hook that will see players swinging around levels instead of the traditional wall running and jump boosting. The open beta is currently live so I am streaming a few matches for you guys this morning so you can see what it is all about, check out the stream below and let us know what you think?


LawBreakers is in open beta and we are giving it a spin, come check it out! LawBreakers

Posted by Super2bit on Monday, 3 July 2017

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