Fire Emblem Heroes next Tempest Trials: Resonating Fangs begins 7th July

A month ago Fire Emblem Heroes fans experienced their first tempest trials released by Nintendo and Intelligent systems. A set of maps that have to be played consecutively without HP regeneration to gain points. The intriguing part however was the fact that if your team of units  were knocked out, you’d be able to send in a second team to try again from that specific map.

The next tempest trials, this time being called Resonating Fangs, starts on July 7. However unlike the first, this one has been tweaked a bit.

– The score earned this time around has been increased.
– If your team is defeated in battle, upon returning with the second team the enemies that have been slain will remain in the underworld and the HP of the remaining enemy units will remain the same.

Tempest Trials: Resonating Fangs will run from the 7th of July to the 21st of July. Heroes gather your strongest allies and go forth – TO BATTLE!

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