Prey almost had flying added to the game

Could you imagine Prey without the Gloo cannon? The gun fires a sticky substance that freezes enemies and can be used to create impromptu walkways, allowing you to reach unreachable places. It’s one of the most inventive and creative weapons I’ve ever seen in a video game, and it could’ve easily been replaced with flying.

According to system designer of Prey, Seth Shain, the Arkane team originally had the idea of adding flying through Talos 1. Apparently the artists weren’t fans of the Gloo gun or flying as it made designing the levels trickier.

“They hate it because they want every square inch of the station to be beautiful, and if the player can get somewhere high up, then they feel they need to make it look good.”

“There was another power that we cut because we just couldn’t make it work or make it fun, it didn’t hit our quality bar. It was a power that would directly allow you to fly around the space [station],” he explained. “That one just amplified that problem. [The artists] were really happy when they cut that, you’re mostly constrained to the walls with the Gloo gun.”

If you’ve played the game, you’ll know about the zero-G flying that happens at certain points in the game. I’m quite happy that the flying was left out as I’m not the biggest fan of flying mechanics in general, plus I think it makes things a little too easy. That Gloo gun, though, now that is a work of art.

Souce: PC Gamer

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