GT Sport “models are unmatched anywhere in the world” and can be used on PS5, says Yamauchi

To say that the end of this year promises to be quite the showdown in racing games is a complete understatement. Need for Speed: Payback, Project CARS 2, Forza Motorsport 7, F1 2017 and, if they can meet a 2017 deadline, GT Sport will be battling it out for your hard-earned money. In an interview with IGN the series creator and CEO of Polyphony Digital had much to say about GT Sport.

He stated that the models used in the game is of such high quality that it could be used on the next generation PlayStation console, of course alluding to the PS5:

“The models that we use for Gran Turismo Sport now, these models will probably support generations of consoles beyond the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 4 Pro.  This level of data will probably carry us for the next 10 years or so, I think, because the level of precision of these models is unmatched anywhere in the world right now. The only models that are higher in quality to what we have here would be the CAD models coming straight from the manufacturers, which cannot be rendered in real-time, obviously. For models that can be rendered in real-time, this really is the best data that you’ll find anywhere in the world.”

He also took the time to point out that they’re putting a lot of effort into the audio, something that was lambasted in GT5 and 6.

“The things you can do for sound are limitless. I mean, there’s no end to the amount of work that it can take. And there are still more things that we want to make better, but having made a number of different discoveries in doing our development – and having been able to implement that now – is actually very satisfying. In terms of graphics, even with the PS4 and PS4 Pro generation, we could always use more power. But in terms of audio, there is actually a higher degree of freedom with what we can do now. In terms of just audio, I think the environment that’s available to us now is very rich, relatively speaking, compared to graphics.”

There’s no denying that the cars in GT Sport look fantastic – a go at the beta confirmed that. We do hope they also put the same amount of time and care into the backgrounds and tracks, as the beta had us a little worried about that. GT Sport will run at 4K (checkerboard rendering) and at 60 frames per second, which is a good start. Now we just need that official launch date.

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