The Nintendo Switch is getting a keyboard

The Nintendo Switch is now some months into release. This means it is about time for some awkward peripherals to come into the market. Cyber Gadget has revealed a new keyboard accessory for Nintendo’s handheld-console hybrid.

Kotaku points out that this is likely marketed to Dragon Quest X players. The Square-Enix MMO which never saw light outside of Japan is getting a Switch port in September (and the PS4 next month). A keyboard has become essential for the MMO genre regardless of platform. The chat functionality is key and typing with a controller has never been a pretty option.

Based on the images provided, the console will detect the keyboard based on the Joy-cons which connect on each side. The thumb-stick will likely emulate a mouse pointer when necessary, which makes sense. The design is strikingly similar however to another Nintendo keyboard. The GameCube keyboard too had the two ends of the controller placed alongside a traditional keyboard. The Cyber Gadget version at least looks more sleek in design and can be disconnected. It is also not the size of three GameCube controllers.

Cyber Gadget’s take on the Switch Keyboard is not the first for the console. Hardware manufacturer Hori revealed their own version of a Switch keyboard. Hori’s keyboard is more traditional in approach opting for the USB cable.

However, these keyboards will likely never see release outside of Japan. Despite getting ports, Dragon Quest X is just one of the big MMOs exclusive to Japan. With a western release near impossible at this point, the Switch keyboards will likely remain an oddity in the West.

As for Dragon Quest however, the rerelease of the MMO is not the only big game from the franchise this year. The next entry of Dragon Quest XI is releasing this month in Japan on PS4 and 3DS. No Western version has been confirmed just yet but it is likely coming.

  • Just port Typing of the Dead to the Switch already. I’ve been searching for it for years. Now that Namco brought back Pac-Man Vs. nothing stops SEGA from relaunching Typing of the Dead. Would be the perfect fit.

    • I have seen a few speed runs of this game. It’s pretty entertaining to see some of the random generated word combo’s.

      • Always wanted to own it, but just can’t track it down. Went searching while in the US and there was nothing. To top it I’ll need a Keyboard for the Dreamcast anyway. Was a unique game then and still a unique game now.

        • So far I only thought it was the one you get on steam that has a load of DLC xD

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