No Man’s Sky August update likely, if its crazy ARG is to be believed

No Man’s Sky had a, let’s just say, rocky launch and the team over at Hello Games have been at work trying to deliver on what this once massively hyped game promised. They started with the Foundation update which added base building and many other previously promised features to the game. While it wasn’t quite enough to sway public opinion in their favour, the update did its job at providing some goodwill to the people who bought and believed in the game. However, there is still a lot to be done and it seems we are going to be expecting another big update in August, but that is only if the crazy ARG (Alternate Reality Game) is to be believed.

Last month, a bunch of key No Man’s Sky supporters and subreddit moderators received a package consisting of some No Man’s Sky merch and a mysterious cassette tape. This cassette tape provided valuable information into the Waking Titan ARG that has been happening with the game. The whole ARG is rather complex and it is best that you head to this Reddit post that compiles everything involved in it if you want to learn more because we’d be here all day if I had to give the full rundown.

Getting down to brass tacks, the final document that was uncovered during this ARG gives us an indication that there will be something big happening during August with No Man’s Sky. The leading theory is that there will be another major content update and what is contained in it, is anybody’s guess. Hello Games slipped into another period of silence after the release of the Foundation update and as you can see, their only real communication was done cryptically with die-hard fans.

ARGs are absolute madness and the Waking Titan was no exception. Fans had to decrypt spectrograms and find key passwords in order to get further along in the puzzle. The people involved are the epitome of internet detectives. The Binding of Isaac also had an absolutely massive ARG that culminated in fans flying to a set of coordinates and digging out a figurine that unlocked a new character in the game. It’s a fascinating and often fun world to witness even though it is complicated as all hell most of the time.

Hopefully Hello Games have an official response for us soon regarding any update that is coming. The game still has potential even though it has fallen off many people’s radars already.  Maybe this Waking Titan is exactly what it needs to get out of its negative connotations and reputation.

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