The Burning Question: Do you, or have you ever used video game walkthrough guides?

This past Saturday I found myself at a book store trying to kill some time. Whilst browsing the shelves I found quite a peculiar set of books that I noticed resembled items from a game that I’ve played quite a bit on both mobile and the PlayStation 4. The game is Minecraft and the books that I picked up were the official Minecraft guide books. This of course raised a question that I’ve never really thought about before. How many of us actually use walkthroughs and game guides?

If we were to consider this, at first glance we would most probably focus on titles such as RPGs or JRPGs. I mean these genres are typically the genres that fans usually utilise walkthroughs and guides for, especially if they’re chasing achievements. But after a seriously educating discussion with the knowledgeable and awesome SA Gamer team I realised that this perception is in fact not 100% true. The more I considered it the more I realised that there are many games out there that not only utilise walkthroughs to walkthrough or guide the player to specific points in a large open world but there are in fact specific guides focused solely on crafting or in certain cases a guide that will help you build a competitive character/team to utilise in competitions/tournaments.

Originally I did believe that I’ve never actually used a walkthrough or guide before but upon further inspection I’ve realised that I in fact use one often. In my specific case the guides I tend to use are the material crafting guides for Monster Hunter and the team building guides for Pokémon competitive league battles.

So this had me thinking, surely there are quite a number of us that use these video game guides and walkthroughs often but never mention this. Are gamers ashamed to admit that we use these walkthroughs and guides or is it something that just does not come up?

So my burning question this week to you is – have you ever used or use walkthroughs and guides? What do you use them for?

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