Prepare to get SUPERHOT on PS4 next week

SUPERHOT is pretty simple conceptually and visually. It’s a game where time passes really slowly unless you move and enemies are presented as red polygon mannequins within a clinically white setting. However, the outcome of these simple concepts is a game so categorically mad and fun to play that it captures your heart instantly. It makes you feel like John Wick or like you’re in The Matrix. Basically, it’s a Keanu Reeves Simulator.

The game has received massive success on PC and has since moved to the console space with the Xbox One. We already knew that SUPERHOT VR will make an appearance on PSVR in August, but the normal game is releasing a bit ahead of time. PS4 gamers can expect to play it in its non-VR state on the 21st of July which is but a hop and a skip away.

If you have not witnessed SUPERHOT yet, go check out some gameplay footage and the myriad impressive runs that are out there. It’s a game built purely on fun and heart accelerating gameplay and games such as that do not come by very often. With it hitting the trifecta of platforms with the PS4 launch, its exposure can only go up from here.



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