4 game series that were hot the one generation, gone the next

Every generation we see new IPs arrive out of nowhere, making a name for itself and if we’re lucky enough we’d see that game spawning a series of great sequels. Sometimes these continue for too long, but at times you’ll get a series that gets cut just as you’re getting into it. Below you’ll find five particular games that never appeared on any generation other than the one you played it in.

Basically we excluded any series that spanned over to another generation. Series such as Viewtiful Joe, Earthworm Jim and Borderlands were excluded below as we’ve seen a main series sequel on other formats thereafter or it’s been ported as HD versions. Also excluded from the list are spin-offs. Below you’ll find a main series of games that could only be played in one specific generation, and after that gen it disappeared into thin air – never to be heard of again.

Onimusha series

It feels like a lifetime ago that I recall playing Onimusha for the first time. It played very similar to the Resident Evil series by utilising tank controls and pre-rendered backgrounds, but instead of shooting the undead you were out to reap the souls of monsters in ancient Japan. All three games showed up on the PS2, and when the third in the series appeared that was it. We saw the original title ported to the Xbox and a spin-off (Onimusha Tactics) heading to the GBA (which happens to be in the same era), and that was that. Capcom has since forgotten about this much beloved franchise. I wouldn’t mind slaying demons with Samanosuke just one more time.

Motorstorm series

It was a big deal at the launch of the PS3 and thereafter spawned two sequels. A fourth game went to PSP and ultimately got ported to PS3 at the end anyway. Motorstorm RC was the last spin-off game in the series to see the light of day on the PS Vita, but the main series came to an end on the PS3.  Evolution Studios thereafter moved on to work on the fantastic Driveclub (yes, it was amazing once the server issues were rectified) and then Sony let the team go, which has since been snapped up by Codemasters. Will we ever see the muddy racer making a return on the PS4? We wouldn’t keep our hopes up. Motorstorm Apocalypse wasn’t the shining beacon it was hoping to be and Arctic Edge was fun, but never quite lived up to the first two games. It might be a good thing it crashed out.

TimeSplitters series

TimeSplitters came out of nowhere to become one of the biggest console shooters of that particular generation. The PS2, GameCube and Xbox all benefited from Free Radical Design’s new take on the genre and it became an instant hit. It’s with TimeSplitters 2 that it hit an all time high, though the third installment, Future Perfect, wasn’t all that bad either. Since then Free Radical created Haze that flopped on PS3 and Crytek bought them out in 2009, while they were busy working on TimeSplitters 4. Since then it’s gone quiet and we’ve not heard anything from that particular team. In 2013 Techradar spoke to the series developer, Steve Ellis , whereby he responded with, “I don’t think there’s any chance that’s going to happen”. Another classic, gone. There is an unofficial fan-made game in the making that got the blessing from Crytek, but we don’t think you should get too excited for it.

Dead Space series

Of course I wasn’t going to skip the one series that’s been absent from this generation. If ever there was a series I would love to see return it would be Dead Space. The original Dead Space and its sequel was possibly some of the best gaming I’ve experienced in my life. The third game got a lot wrong, though the DLC (which very few ever played) probably topped what you saw in the first two games. Be as it may the critics slammed the game for being too action-orientated and since then EA put a lid on it. Dead Space Extraction launched on the Wii and PS3, and there was a mobile spin-off, but there’s no word whether we’ll ever see the fourth installment or remaster. It seems this series is as dead as a Necromorph with missing limbs for now.

Married to a gamer and she kicks my ass at most shooters. If the game is enjoyable I’ll play it, no matter the format.

  • DemonGamer

    Dont be sad because its over , be glad that you played it ! But I believe sometimes they’ll come back if not for demand for the potential money they can deliver. Another series I actually miss and been thinking about lately is army of two , 1 was great 2 was ok and 3 was just “this plot makes no sense”. But I bought 3 a few months back, it was on special and I had a buddy that was willing to co-op.

    I enjoyed it and was kinda bummed that there’s nothing on the current gen that has a big focus on 2 player co-op . It’s mostly 4 these days ( guess its more profitable to sell 4 than 2 copies) , but A way out recently gave me a bit of hope to seeing more 2 player co-op focused games.

    Hopefully soon I’ll be able to shout “Back to back !!”

    • Army of Two completely slipped my mind. You know what game in the last gen was a great co-op shooter, but very few played it because of the name attached to it? 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand. If you enjoy Army of Two then chances are pretty good that you’ll enjoy that.

      • DemonGamer

        Always saw it, just never got to it. Hopefully I’ll find a copy

  • Samashan Pillay

    I’d love to see the syphon filter series return

    • Was thinking of that series, but it had a short resurgence on the PSP, then it vanished again.

  • Skittle

    I would do dirty things for another Onimusha game

    • Wesley


  • Wesley

    I know its a weird one, but i was thinking about Breath of Fire again the other day. another series that ended in the PS2 Era with Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter.

    • Wesley

      Oh, and how can i forget….. Parasite Eve!

      • I was going to include Parasite Eve, but there was a game named ‘The Third Birthday’ on PSP which was actually a sequel. They just cocked it up 🙁

        • Wesley

          I actually never got to play it, but ya, heard it wasn’t great, so i just act like it never existed 😛

          I would kill for 1 and 2 to be remade, or even just remastered.

          • It’s a pity Third Birthday happened, because the first two games were genuine classics. Also remember it just coming out of nowhere back in the day, and the CG cutscenes being something else. Today it would probably look a little dated.

          • Wesley

            Ya, that intro for PE2….. ive watched it millions of times. every time i played it, i would watch that intro (for the scenes and music).

            It never aged too well, and just like RE & Onimusha, the controls are a issue now days.

          • Personally I do not have a problem with tank controls. Games that are set in prerendered backdrops play best with tank control, IMO.

  • Darksirius

    Loved all the Dead Space games… Wish they would bring about a new story to continue the franchise. So glad I can replay these games via Xbox BC.

  • Would absolutely love to play Onimusha again! I was hooked on the setting and lore of the game. Revive it Capcom!

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