Alm & Celica’s Army joins Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes, the mobile game that keeps on giving. Nintendo recently released two trailers showing off new heroes in the summoning focus feature of Fire Emblem Heroes. The new heroes feature from the recently remade¬†Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia and include characters from Alm’s army, namely the Legendary Knight Mathilda, Wry Comrade Gray and Free Spirit Delthea. From Celica’s Army we see True of Heart Leon, Driven Mercenary Saber, and Vengeful Mage Sonya.

These heroes can be summoned immediately, and players will have until the 28th of July, so get summoning now. Also included in the update is a new story chapter, chapter 12, known as Bitter Enemies.

As mentioned above Fire Emblem Heroes is the game that keeps giving, also announced is an apology in the form of 10 Orbs. The apology comes after players who logged in recently didn’t receive their log in bonuses. The apology of course is to everyone playing the game so what are you waiting for, log in now and claim your free 10 orbs and get to summoning!

Check out both trailers below.

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