You can now try out Mass Effect: Andromeda for free on all platforms

Mass Effect: Andromeda received a fair amount of criticism when it launched back in March this year. Most of the criticism was leveled at its lack of polish and poor writing, but this has been patched up quite a bit, and it really is not a bad game now. And Bioware wants to show people this, by giving the game a free trial on all available platforms.

The free trial will be similar to the Early Access that was available to EA Access and Origin Access users earlier this year, which was technically not free since it’s a paid-for service. You’ll be able to play the first 10 hours of the game, play multiplayer and have access to the first planet, Eos. All progress will also be carried over should you decide to go on and purchase the game. This is also the first time that PS4 players have access to such a trial of the game.

Andromeda is not a bad game, it’s not perfect, and it doesn’t come close to it’s predecessors, but considering all the controversy that went with it’s development, they ended up making a decent space shooter that has a bit of charm.


  • Wesley

    hhmmm…. So is it a timed trial? i.e. 10 hours of being in the game?
    And is this permanent, or will the trial offer expire?

    Ive never been a Mass Effect fan… although i am a candidate for the type of game, just never got into it.

    • Small Charlie

      I don’t think it will expire, so you should be able to try it out over say three months from now. You get the first 10 hours of gameplay, which is not bad if you consider it’s a 50 hour game. You should be able to decide if you want to buy the game or not but that time.

  • Skittle

    Anybody know what the download size is on the PS4?

    • 43.01gb

      • Yoh, and the PS4 really does not like to download fast.

        • It’s the same as downloading the trial on XB1.

          You download the full game, so if by the time your 10 hours have lapsed and you’re sold, you need only buy the game and continue where you left off.

          As for the PS4’s download speed; this should not factor into your ability to download the required data. Seeing as it’s not timed, you can download while in rest mode only.

      • Skittle

        Thanks <3

  • Iwan

    If you downloading on PS4 then make sure your Network DNS settings is always on Primary DNS and Secondary Makes a difference when I download. All depends on your router setting and what network package you have.

    • for the sake of reference and anyone being confused, here: these are the google dns servers.

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