Final Fantasy XIV plans to shake up tanks, healers and more soon

If you have been playing Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood, you are possibly at the point where you are starting to notice discrepancies between your class and those around you. A lack of DPS or support abilities, certain tanks being favoured over others in group composition and gear irregularities. The latest Letter from the Producer live (Part XXXVII) featured producer Naoki “Yoshi-P” Yoshida and community manager Toshio “Foxclon” Murouchi. They answered a whole bunch of questions relating to tank items, class discrepancies, nerfs and adjustments.

Here are some highlights from a translation on the game’s forum. There are a lot more questions over on the forum, relating to content in future patches, how certain encounters or puzzles were created and more.

1 Currently some tanks stack STR on their accessories to increase their DPS, are changes planned for tank accessories themselves?

We will be introducing adjustments in Tuesday’s patch 4.05. We have received feedback from tanks regarding continuing to equip item level 270 accessories. This puts more stress on the healers, and a lack of VIT may become an issue as we enter Savage. However, top players may be able to clear even under those conditions, so we worry that that will become the norm.

As a result, we have decided to add a minimum amount of STR to accessories.
When level syncing, only tanks will have STR stacked up, but we will overlook this for content up through 3.x. Item level will increase in coming updates, but STR will not scale the same as VIT, so we would like you to keep that in mind.

2 The tenacity attribute for tanks affects the attack and healing potency, and is very powerful; however, it feels like the effectiveness is somewhat held back. Could you please explain why it is set up this way?

Since it is very useful, we have held back the effect a bit. If we made it stronger, players would end up only focusing on this attribute.  I believe players will be able to feel the effects of tenacity once the Savage mode of Omega launches next week.

3 Currently Paladin feels like it excels both in offensive and defensive capabilities, are there any plans for adjustments to Warrior/Dark Knight?

We will be increasing Warrior and Dark Knight damage. Dark Knight will see potency increases in combo damage.

Warrior’s Shake It Off will be adjusted. Plans for adjustments are currently being talked over, and will be implemented sometime after 4.05.

We have removed the halving of the Beast Gauge when changing stances. Additionally, the potency during Storm’s Path combo will be increased starting 4.05.

Making the cast time for Paladin’s Holy Spirit so short made it too powerful, so we will be making adjustments around that point. We’ll also be removing the reduction in the Oath Gauge when switching oaths.

5 It was explained that in Patch 4.0 the focus was to reduce the large DPS disparity, but certain jobs feel more reliant on player skill than others. Are certain jobs intended to maintain that difference?

One of the main concepts of FFXIV is that “when playing a job, you experience the uniqueness of that job.” Due to this, there is a difference in difficulty between the jobs, and it used to be that higher difficulty meant more DPS. We will be scaling down this factor.

9 Scholar went through many changes, having lost a DoT, the damage lost from AoE due to the Bane rework, and nerfs to the faerie healing. In comparison to the other healers, it feels that they have lost quite a bit. Are there any plans for adjustments?

After balancing the three healing jobs, the faerie’s healing was still too powerful. Therefore we decided to go in the direction of lowering the faerie’s healing potencies.

However, by reducing what they could do, their AoE damage also went down.
We have made adjustments in 4.05.

Adjustment Details:
・The introduction of “Miasma II” as a job specific skill.
・Changed the cooldown of Emergency Tactics to 20 seconds.
・Indomitability [stay tuned]
・Strengthening Excogitation.
・Changed the range of Fey Union to 15 yalms.*
・ Aetherpact has been changed to increase Faerie Gauge even when Aetherflow actions does not inflict an effect on the target.
・Introduction of a trait reducing the cooldown of Aetherflow.

・Arcana and Royal Road cards can now be discarded via an action.

■White Mage
・Adjustments to the rate of which Healing Lilies are granted.
・Plenary Indulgence will see some major adjustments.

13 Other job adjustments

Black mage
We made a couple of adjustments which black mage players will understand.
Also, when doing their skill rotations, there are moments where they lose all their MP, so we’re making some adjustments to the MP.
– MP cost for Foul has been removed.
– Recast time for Triplecast has been reduced from 90 to 60 seconds.
– Recast time for Fire IV and Blizzard IV has been reduced from 3 to 2.8 seconds.

– Potency for Gust Slash will be reduced. The reason for this is because the players found a stronger skill rotation than those the dev. team was using while making adjustments.

17 It’s hard to get a group for alliance raid content, such as the Crystal Tower. Do you have any plans to address this?

We’re currently working on an alliance raid roulette aimed for Patch 4.1. Players will also be able to make alliance raid parties across other Worlds as well. This is also scheduled for Patch 4.1. As for Labyrinth of the Ancients, we’re making adjustments so the party structure will only require one tank rather than two; however, we may not be able to make this adjustment in time.

24 Please let us know if you’ve finalized the number of slots that will be added in the second Inventory and Armoury Chest expansion.

A24. Unless we change from the current method, we do not think we can add any more slots. There are other factors to consider, such as managing inventory through the upcoming app, so this will take a little more time. It would be difficult to implement it by 4.1, but it is not so far off.

28 I’m a Machinist main, but I am concerned because despite the difficulty of the rotation and managing the Heat Gauge, my DPS is not very high. Machinist itself is enjoyable, but in comparison to Bard, it feels lacking in support abilities as well as DPS. Please let us know if there are any adjustments planned.

Perspectives vary from player to player regarding what they would like to see done for Machinist.
Due to the current difficulty of Heat management and how it is affected by fights, as well as the visible difference between Machinist and Bard in content, we have made it easier manage the Heat Gauge. In addition, we will be raising overall base damage.

[General Adjustments]
・Hot Shot
Increased physical damage effect from 5% to 8%.
Increase to Heat Gauge reduced from 10 to 5.
・Removed the Heat Gauge reduction effect from Quick Reload.
・Increased Rook Overload potency from 400 to 800.
・Increased Bishop Overload potency from 300 to 600.
And more.

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