Final Fight’s Abigail is joining Street Fighter V

As per tradition, the news following the ending of EVO is a fighting game bonanza. From new announcements of games to DLC there are is a lot to unpack. The most common however are the reveals of new characters joining existing rosters, and this year was a doozy.

Street Fighter V headlined EVO once again and developer Capcom used the opportunity to show off a brand new character. Currently in the second season of DLC, the next fighter is a newcomer to Street Fighter but hails from the Capcom archives.

Abigail was revealed before the SFV Top 8 at EVO. Originating from Capcom’s classic beat ‘em-up franchise Final Fight, this is the first game to feature Abigail in some time. It is not too shocking that Capcom has dipped into one of its own franchises for characters to include in Street Fighter. Ultra Street Fighter IV featured both Poison and Hugo in the main roster who were both from Final Fight.

As for Abigail in game, the reveal trailer above makes one thing clear – he is huge. Abigail might be the biggest character to enter the Street Fighter franchise, towering over opponents. He will definitely be a power house but many are questioning his mobility. It will definitely be an interesting to watch after players have had some time with him.

When Capcom announced the Season 2 content, they made it clear that every character will be new to the Street Fighter franchise following Akuma. This is still technically true for Abigail with this being the first Street Fighter game he is featured in. For those paying attention however, this might not be as shocking. The character was subject of a leak early on alongside some teasing from Capcom social media.

Abigail was not the only big character reveal this Evo and nowhere near the most surprising. That honour goes to Geese Howard’s inclusion in Tekken 7. As for upcoming games, Jedah has been confirmed for Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite. Despite early leaks of his inclusion, seeing some DarkStalkers love gives glimmers of hope for the franchise. Finally, Trunks was finally shown in Dragon Ball FIghterZ after being confirmed late last month.

Abigail will be available next week on July 25th for owners of the SFV Second Season pass. He will also come with his stage: Metro City Bay Area. Abigail is the second to last character of this year’s Season pass. That means one more newcomer is set for this season.

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