Geese Howard is heading to Tekken 7 later this year

The first DLC heading to Tekken 7 will include the popular Tekken Bowl mode, but fans have really been waiting for new characters to make an appearance. We now finally have our first reveal of what will be included in the DLC 2 pack when it launches towards the end of this year, winter 2017 (our summer).

This news comes via an official announcement just after the Tekken 7 grand final took place at EVO last night. The first new playable character comes in the form of Geese Howard. Never heard of him before? That might be because you’ve never played a game of Fatal Fury or King of Fighters in your life. Like Akuma from the Street Fighter series, he’s making a crossover appearance in the Tekken universe as “as he vows to destroy the TEKKEN fighters”.

Fans of the character will notice that he’s sporting the signature red hakama training pants and that he’s also quite powerful. In the reveal video he ends up pinning Heihachi to the ground and calling him a maggot. You don’t just do that to Heihachi… he must mean business.

Yes, we know, it’s still not Lei, but playing as a brand new character in the Tekken universe is something we won’t decline. Have a look at him in action below, in a brand new stage too:

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