Kingdom Hearts 3 officially launching in 2018, includes Toy Story universe

It’s probably a little hard to believe, but Square Enix is promising that their much anticipated sequel, Kingdom Hearts 3, will finally launch in 2018. There’s no exact date or even month tied to it, but 2018 should be enough assurance that we’ll be seeing it in the next 18 months or so. They announced this via a new trailer that showed off the game in the Toy Story universe.

Sora, Goofy and Donald Duck enter the Toy Story world only to notice that they’ve turned into toys. It’s here where Woody and Buzz introduces themselves, saying that masked villains have been invading their world. From there the action moves outside where they’re all beating the hell out of the Heartless. It’s looking absolutely beautiful and of course the keyblade returns as your weapon of choice. Lastly there’s a little toy mech section that switches to first-person.

Oh yes, roll on 2018!

Married to a gamer and she kicks my ass at most shooters. If the game is enjoyable I’ll play it, no matter the format.

  • Samashan Pillay

    Good lord those graphics!!!!!!

  • Raidz19

    I never played the old ones…husband is frikken in love with them…
    But once I saw this I was sold!
    If I had any doubts, the fact that it’s in the Toy Story universe convinced me

  • A franchise I wish I got into from the start. Now it’s just to hard to figure out what the heck is going on.

    • Yeah, I missed out too. Though, there are enough HD version to get hold of now to catch up.

      • I am also watching for a sale on that one.

      • Samashan Pillay

        I also want to start from the beginning but not sure if I will have the time 🙁

        • Same, the amount of content to get through is a little bit overwhelming.

          • Samashan Pillay

            Yep, plus I hate rushing through games

        • Valshen

          I got 1.5 and 2.5 to play through with the Mrs. Then my PS3 got hit by lightning…

  • Dian Fourie


  • this is cool.

    but i’m still holding out hope for a zootopia tie-in. [though i don’t have much hope :P]

    if you haven’t played at least the first one give it a whirl. it’s about sixty or so hours worth of game [if you play the original ps1 version, that is, and not 1.5] and it’ll give you an idea if you want to continue on with the series.

    • ps: in the playstation 1 version of the game, the space segments are ABYSMAL. just get a guide for that and craft the best ship there is and forget about it, otherwise. it’s just a waste of life and time.

      • You must be referring to the PS2? Kingdom Hearts started life on PS2 🙂

    • Raidz19

      Sjoe 60 hours and then another 60 hours (hopefully) when this one comes out? That’s a bit hectic.
      Dammit why didn’t I just play this as a kid! I clearly remember having it in my hand so many times wondering what it was :/

      • well, to be fair:

        it’s coming in “2018” and i’m almost willing to bet it’ll be the latter half of 2018. you have plenty of time. what i ended up doing was [like with most rpg’s] just played a little every evening and eventually finished it off.

        18 months [at most] makes this pretty doable.

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