Livestream: We hitting PUBG again with a few new changes

It’s Monday morning and it’s freezing, so we are going to warm things up this morning with the stream. I am still experimenting with the best settings for the steam to keep things as smooth as possible and I think I may have finally nailed it. So as always let me know what you think of the stream in the comments and like I said I hope it is as smooth as Egyptian silk.

I am also introducing a few new bells and whistles into the stream to make it even better so expect a few sound boards going as well as a sexy new intro theme. Now all that is left to do is actually win a game so take my hand and forgive me if it is a bit sweaty, PUBG will do that to a person, but I am not going to let the pressure break me today, enjoy the stream below.

Player Unknowns Battlegrounds – LIVE FROM THE KILLING FIELD

Going at it solo this Monday morning, don't worry I have a Donald Trump soundboard to keep me company 😉 PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS

Posted by Super2bit on Monday, 17 July 2017

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