Video: Take a behind the scenes look at Insomniac’s Spider-Man game

The witty web slinger is making a bit of a comeback recently. The release of the excellent Spider-Man: Homecoming has put Spider-Man back on the map for many following a slightly turbulent history. Games based on the franchise have been alarmingly hit or miss with some people considering Spider-Man 2 a classic while the other tie-in games were average at best. Sony and Insomniac made waves when they announced their new Spider-Man game which is shaping up to be a fully-fledged superhero experience.

Insomniac recently did a featurette, which you can watch below, talking about the game and many of the aspects that they are focusing on. They talk about how they are focusing heavily on the storytelling and narrative of the game and how Mr Negative will be a big driving force in it. Also discussed was the fact that Peter Parker is older in this instalment, being 23, and how that has made him experienced with his powers and how his enemies have started adapting to them.

There are a few lingering doubts about the game and personally, I’m a little concerned about the QTE focus and I still haven’t forgotten previous mediocre Spider-Man games. However, it seems Insomniac are really driven with this project and it is also a big franchise for Sony moving forward.

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