Popular PUBG streamer’s ban leads to violent threat

Dr DisRespect is one of the most popular streamers to tackle PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Often playing up the persona of a vile “lone survivor” in game, he made a bad decision that took a turn. After he decided to act out his character’s own immoralities, he found himself banned. This led to a targeted verbal assault against PlayerUnknown (Brendan Greene) on Twitter.

On a Stream from two days ago, Dr DisRespect was playing in a team match. At one point, he and his squad found a car. Unfortunately, it only seated three when they were in a group of four. Now faced with a conundrum, Dr DisRespect came up with a quick solution. He shot the fourth squad mate dead now removing the problem entirely. You can find the moment here from the perspective of squad mate Anthony_Kongphan.

On the surface, this was Dr DisRespect acting out the persona that got him so popular in the first place. The concept that he was so immoral that he would just take out his teammate. This is what fans expect from the streamer. The issue however, is that the killing of squad mates is a serious offence and goes against Battlegrounds rules. Serious enough that a player could find themselves banned because of it. Dr DisRespect was not above the rules and found himself hit with the ban hammer. The moment the streamer got banned was captured live on the stream.

Due to Dr DisRespect’s popularity, Greene took to Twitter to give a straight talk on the ban. His statements were direct and to the point: break the rules, you get punished. It doesn’t appear to be a vicious exchange but instead leaning to a more playful tone. Dr Disrespect playing the “badass” and even PlayerUnknown ending the third message with a little heart.

The story following this however is where it takes a turn for the worst. Dr DisRespect decided that the best course of action was to level threats against the developer. It seems that he decided to take his character outside of his streams and blur the lines of real person and the streaming persona.

Some fans defended the threats, feeling that it was just a continued performance of Dr DisRespect’s character. Greene did not share in this interpretation. He took to Twitter and linked to a TwitLonger page. He tells a story of his past which involved threats of violence turning all too real. You can find his post here and we recommend reading it. It illustrates a serious problem we have in the gaming community.

Threats of physical violence are nothing new. Online they are extremely common, especially in competitive games. Flippant rants of physical assault occur often against any position within the video game world. Anyone from other players to developers become targets just for stating an opinion.

Greene’s story is one that puts a face to the problem. Regardless of staying in character, threats of violence are never okay. Greene could have very well left the Dr to continue his rant but decided to use his platform to deliver a strong message. There are serious implications so such actions and those who decide to use threats to get the point across should not be tolerated. Credit to Greene for tackling the issue head on and giving players something to think about.

Credit to Kotaku and Waypoint for information for the story.

  • I think this is being blown out of proportion just a teensy bit due to the fact so many people dislike Dr Disrespect for being a very if not the most popular PUBG streamer while also being very emotionally active during streams.

    • VampyreSquirrel

      Agreed, but Dr Disrespect didn’t handle it as well as Greene did. Wonder if Greene will allow the ban to be lifted any time soon.

      • I went to read up some more, it’s a temp ban as TK is not permaban for first offence. But the dev is also being a bit uppity about the whole thing. But hey his game his rules, he must just not ask why when a backlash forms.

        • VampyreSquirrel

          yeah, he’s gonna get backlash from the fans, but hey, they gotta live with it.

        • Valshen

          I think a big issue is indie devs don’t want to temp ban people who have loud voices, because it can create a backlash. Greene was showing everyone has to play by the rules, regardless of clout.

          • Yes, but for those who actually watch Dr Disrespect know him when he is in his “persona” for his own streams and how he is when he is not doing the whole “a hole” act.

            Saying a kick is a violent threat is a bit much in my books. It follows the typical 2017 routine of people being over sensitive and running to the media.

          • JP Goss

            You missed a part “he kicked me in the chest and put my head through a plate glass door.”

          • So you are saying the one who kicked the dev’s head through the glass door back in college was Dr Disrespect?

          • JP Goss

            Do I need to wright an essay?
            There is a very fine line between outburst being entertaining and outburst leading to actual violence, or as Mr. Greene said, triggering some form of PTSD.
            Point being, cross that fine line and there will be repercussions.
            So it’s up to people like Mr. Greene to prevent people from crossing that line or to remind them where that line is.

          • I merely stated that you were quoting as if The Doc kicked him through the glass door.

            As for the PTSD thing, that is pretty much him using it to play victim of a horrible and cruel life threatening tweet.

        • a couple of things:

          this swings both ways. given this “character” is so popular, banning him at least sends the message [loud and clear, i might add] that the developer will not tolerate the rules being broken. [a good thing.]


          as soon as the ban got given, he should have realized what it was for and should have taken it like a man. break the rules? here, have a ban. instead, he got verbally abusive with the dev, WHICH IS NOT OK.

          you can argue he’s “playing a character” all you like, but there’s absolutely no world where it is ok to threaten the dev because of a ban you got for breaking the rules.

          • I agree with you for the most part, but it was mostly after reading this (will paste at the end) from the dev that made me see him as more of a wannabee victim when he said he could have had a panic attack from the tweet due to a past story that sounded very bloated up.

            Pasting Quote:

            So today I created a little bit of a shitstorm on Twitter.
            Before I begin, I have to say that I do enjoy the character Guy has created with DrDisrespect. Hell, I am even part of the Slick Daddy Club! I understand that he likes to talk shit, and I was right there with him until that one tweet.

            “I was told that I should have taken The Docs threat of violence as a joke. So now I will try explaining why I took this tweet seriously and tweeted out the response I did.

            Story time!

            When I was in college, many years ago, I had a disagreement with my flat mate. Instead of talking it out like men, he decided to get aggressive and while I was backing away from him, he kicked me in the chest and put my head through a plate glass door. Thankfully, I don’t suffer from any ill effects due to this experience.

            The point of that story is to attempt to explain why I think even the threat of violence is not something that should be joked about. Given my experience in college, and the fact that The Doc’s threat, even as a joke, synced up closely to a bad experience I endured, it could have brought up bad memories, triggered a panic attack or had other consequences The Doc might not have intended when composing the tweet.

            All I ask from anyone that reads this is to consider that your words, however flippant they may be, could have unintended effects on those reading them.


          • yeah, i still find that i’m leaning toward greene here and still agreeing with him more. there is absolutely no room for physically threatening anyone if you get banned in a game.

            we’re just going to have to agree to disagree, i’m afraid.

          • Well this is called “disqus”. So we “discuss” our own unique point of views 🙂

            I do play a lot of PUBG and even watch The Doc’s stream from time to time, so I will generally have a different outlook on the situation than someone who does not know the game or streamer that well (not saying you dont play the game or know The Doc, just using it as an example as I would not be able to know)

          • i don’t like pvp based shooters [or shooters, really] at all.

            there’s two sides to that coin: on the one side, i don’t like players like this at all. they’re just there to mess with everyone and that, to me, seems like it’s antithetical to the fun you can have in a game. it’s why, for example, after being dragged onto a pvp server while playing wow, i eventually left that server. [even though most of my local friends were on it.] the straw that broke the camel’s back? while out questing, some level 70 [this was bc-era wow] was bored and felt like he needed to camp my friend and i while we were leveling up and doing quests [we were probably level 30 or so.] – it was a supremely unproductive evening and just not fun.

            the other side of this coin is that i find shooters pretty bland. this is completely an opinion. you run, you shoot, then you run some more. and that’s almost about as much as there is to fps/tps. /very/ occasionally, a shooter has been used as a framework to tell some kind of story [portal, half-life] and that’s a /little/ better, for me, but we’re still stuck in bland shoot-o-ville central between story sections and it’s just never clicked with me.

            this is an incredibly long-winded way of saying: i don’t follow pubg and i have no idea of who the “doctor” is.

            so, i have no “context” for his character or how he behaves, but this seems incredibly like a bad apple story to me and i feel like greene is entirely in the right, here.


            let me pose this question another way: if you were playing a game offline of any sort, and your buddy had a “character” that was like the doctor, and he did something dumb that got him kicked from the table [let’s say he spilled everyone’s drinks out of spite because something awful happened to him in the game] – would you even TOLERATE his behaviour if he started screaming, incoherently that he was going to kill you all? because that would be “in character?”

          • As someone who also moved from a WoW pvp server to a pve server back in Wrath due to silly trolls. Also an ex LoL player who gave up the game because of the toxicity of online gamers. I fully understand this. And obviously I will not tolerate someone close by being violent because of gaming rage.

            But this is a tweet, they were not having a scuffle face to face where it can turn ugly because someone might have a short temper. So I see it as a minor threat.

          • but therein lies the problem: there’s just no way to tell how far it could have escalated.

            playerunknown isn’t “unknown” anymore. his name is in the public arena and as a result, it’s pretty easy to go and figure out who he is and where he lives. and from there, if you’re a person like “the doctor,” you might carry that threat over into the real world.

            and on that note, once he’s done it once, he will keep doing it and hide behind “but it’s my character!” and that’s not a defense at all, it’s an excuse to be terrible as a human to other people around you.

            once more and with feeling: it is NEVER ok to level death threats [or any threats] over the internet.

  • Buffel

    So, if teamkilling is a bannable offence then why does the game allow for friendly-fire in the first place? Surely just putting friendly-fire off would remove the need to add the ban rule in the first place.

    • The ability to team kill adds to the games premise of being a very hard survival shooter. But you do get people who will purposely try and troll you by team killing when they are auto added to your group.

  • DemonGamer

    Yeah probably went a little bit too far , but I do like the fact that , just because you are someone “famous” doesn’t mean you’ll get special treatment

  • and people like this “disrespect” person are why i refuse to play pvp-based games. [though, to be fair, i haven’t touched a true multiplayer game in a VERY long time, now.]

    [it also explains my disdain for ccg’s that have this sort of pvp-based structure in them.]

    what a foul person.

  • David Kozlowski

    I need to get a fake tash and some shades to improve my stream guys. The dank memes are good but it needs something more….

  • Funnynel42

    Good, ban him. I tried to watch this Dr dude’s stuff, man, it’s irritating and not funny. I just like that the rules apply to everyone, even “famous” people. Get rid of cancer and bad personas as this Dr thing and the game becomes better.

    • Dave

      Yup I think have an annoying persona shtick should be a perma ban, on any game. 90% of the people watching him are probably teens picking up tips on how to make their own streams more ‘edgy’ and maybe encourage more viewers than just having their second computer set up to watch them.

      • Funnynel42

        Agreed. And I’m just happy someone finally took action. You play a game, you play by it’s rules. The only time I ever killed a teammate was if we had to reset or if the team mate was stuck and asked for it. But team killing just for entertainment, that’s a big no no.
        I love watching streamers like SovietWomble or Cyanideplaysgames or WoodenPotatoes (mainly Guild Wars 2), but they play for the fun of it and enjoyment for themselves. It just turns out people like them playing for their own enjoyment rather than to please their viewers.

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