Popular PUBG streamer’s ban leads to violent threat

Dr DisRespect is one of the most popular streamers to tackle PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Often playing up the persona of a vile “lone survivor” in game, he made a bad decision that took a turn. After he decided to act out his character’s own immoralities, he found himself banned. This led to a targeted verbal assault against PlayerUnknown (Brendan Greene) on Twitter.

On a Stream from two days ago, Dr DisRespect was playing in a team match. At one point, he and his squad found a car. Unfortunately, it only seated three when they were in a group of four. Now faced with a conundrum, Dr DisRespect came up with a quick solution. He shot the fourth squad mate dead now removing the problem entirely. You can find the moment here from the perspective of squad mate Anthony_Kongphan.

On the surface, this was Dr DisRespect acting out the persona that got him so popular in the first place. The concept that he was so immoral that he would just take out his teammate. This is what fans expect from the streamer. The issue however, is that the killing of squad mates is a serious offence and goes against Battlegrounds rules. Serious enough that a player could find themselves banned because of it. Dr DisRespect was not above the rules and found himself hit with the ban hammer. The moment the streamer got banned was captured live on the stream.

Due to Dr DisRespect’s popularity, Greene took to Twitter to give a straight talk on the ban. His statements were direct and to the point: break the rules, you get punished. It doesn’t appear to be a vicious exchange but instead leaning to a more playful tone. Dr Disrespect playing the “badass” and even PlayerUnknown ending the third message with a little heart.

The story following this however is where it takes a turn for the worst. Dr DisRespect decided that the best course of action was to level threats against the developer. It seems that he decided to take his character outside of his streams and blur the lines of real person and the streaming persona.

Some fans defended the threats, feeling that it was just a continued performance of Dr DisRespect’s character. Greene did not share in this interpretation. He took to Twitter and linked to a TwitLonger page. He tells a story of his past which involved threats of violence turning all too real. You can find his post here and we recommend reading it. It illustrates a serious problem we have in the gaming community.

Threats of physical violence are nothing new. Online they are extremely common, especially in competitive games. Flippant rants of physical assault occur often against any position within the video game world. Anyone from other players to developers become targets just for stating an opinion.

Greene’s story is one that puts a face to the problem. Regardless of staying in character, threats of violence are never okay. Greene could have very well left the Dr to continue his rant but decided to use his platform to deliver a strong message. There are serious implications so such actions and those who decide to use threats to get the point across should not be tolerated. Credit to Greene for tackling the issue head on and giving players something to think about.

Credit to Kotaku and Waypoint for information for the story.

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