Bethesda is giving away free stuff for DOOM

Last year’s DOOM was an excellent game. It had a very good single player campaign that felt fresh and new, even though it went a bit old school. It didn’t receive any single player DLC, and everything released by Bethesda was geared towards the game’s multiplayer. Which is now free.

Bethesda announced that all the MP DLC released for DOOM will now be free with it’s latest update (Patch 6.66, because of course it is). This includes nine maps, three guns and three demons to frolic around as. The update also brings a new progression system, which moved away from a random loot drop, but rather unlocks from various challenges and achievements. I couldn’t find the DLC on Steam and Xbox Live, and on PSN, it simply marked was Unavailable, so it’s a good bet that it will be incorporated directly into the update.

Eurogamer also reported that DOOM will be receiving a free weekend that includes the multiplayer as well as the first two levels of the single player campaign. The free weekend will be available on Steam and Xbox One this weekend (20 – 23 July) while the PS4 version will be available next weekend (28 – 30 July). It’s also expected to see a price drop, so if you haven’t played it yet, and you’ve been wanting to, you really don’t have much more of an excuse anymore. Go play it. It is damn excellent!

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