Shin Akuma is in Ultra Street Fighter II but requires a bit of trickery

The True Demon lives within Ultra Street Fighter II, but requires some knowledge of the series.

Remember when games had unlockable characters you didn’t have to buy? We even had such things as secret characters that would require complex inputs to unlock. Granted, some weren’t meant to be accessed but it was always fun to find out our games had some secrets we never knew were there. While the advent of DLC may have taken all this away from us, there are still a couple of secrets hiding away for us to find and enjoy.

Capcom revealed at San Diego Comic Con that Shin Akuma, who first appeared in Street Fighter Alpha 2, was playable in Ultra Street Fighter II and even told us the trickery required to play him. Doing the following inputs on the character select screen will get you access to the beefier version of Akuma:

  1. Select Ryu, highlight colour 1 and cancel
  2. Select Ken, highlight colour 9 and cancel
  3. Select Sagat, highlight colour 8 and cancel
  4. Select M. Bison (Dictator), highlight colour 7 and cancel
  5. Place the cursor on Random and press L and R together

It’s interesting to note that this sequence of colours (1987) makes up the year that the first Street Fighter came out. The only frustrating part of this comes where you have to complete this sequence every time you wish to play Shin Akuma. It’s nice that Capcom hid this in the game, but I guess we can’t just modernise old practices.

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