EA CEO confirms a new Battlefield game for 2018 and no VR support for now

I’m sure that some of you reading this must have had a moment thinking that we’re stating the obvious. I mean, let’s be honest here, every two years we see the release of a new Battlefield game. That would make good logic thinking, but in the world of gaming anything is possible so it’s great when you hear the actual words coming out of the mouth of the EA CEO himself.

This news dropped via a financial conference call on Friday whereby EA’s CEO, Andrew Wilson, confirmed that “the next great game in the Battlefield franchise” will be releasing in 2018. Whether it’ll be another old-school shooter like Battlefield 1, or if they’ll return to a modern shooter formula is anyone’s guess at this point. He also stated that the teams are hard at work on Anthem and the expected FIFA game for next year, but he also took the time to explain why there are no EA VR games to be played just yet.

He’s under the impression that VR will take at least a couple of years before it becomes a viable option to support and that AR looks like a more interesting technology to back at the moment. If anything we should expect to see EA games supporting AR in the coming months.

That’s good news for fans of the Battlefield series, but not so good for those hoping to play Battlefield and the various EA sport games using VR.

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