The devs get you prepped for Housemarque’s Matterfall – expect lots of explosions

The developer, Housemarque, has become synonymous with frantic high action and explosive old-school arcade-like titles on the PlayStation platform. It started with Super Stardust HD on the PS3 and since then we’ve seen Dead Nation, Outland, Resogun, Alienation and Nex Machina becoming big hits on PS4 (and in some instances, PC). It’s time to get ready for their next big hit, Matterfall, that will be launching in just under two weeks.

As with their previous titles Matterfall sticks to a formula that works for the team in that you’ll be controlling a character that must dispose of incoming hordes of enemies. I was lucky enough to play it while at E3 and it plays a little different to other Housemarque games. Most Housemarque titles comes with a simplicity to it, whereby Matterfall is a little more complicated. Players have to learn to multitask between shooting alien threats as well as creating platforms and jumping between then with pinpoint accuracy. Fast-paced dodging does help you avoid bullets, but overall it comes down to how fast your reflexes are. The basic story involves the future of humanity who found ‘Smart Matter’ and built their cities using the matter that ultimately gets corrupted and turns on mankind. Playing as Avalon Darrow, players will have to take on a challenge that reminds us very much of Resogun.

It looks like Housemarque has another winner on hand, but we’ll let you be the judge of it:

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