F1 2017 career mode brings you closer to the sport than ever before

Some of you reading this might be one of the many players who join us every race weekend for some online races in F1 2016, where we have some fun racing against other local South African players. There’s just something about F1 2016 that’s cemented it as one of the great F1 games of our time. It set the bar so high that it was just about unfathomable just where Codemasters will be improving the next outing of the game.聽According to their new career details it’s about to lap F1 2016 as the F1 game to own.

As before a career mode will play a big role in the game, but this time instead of having to only deal with your engineer and manager you’ll also take control of the parts throughout the season that’ll help you to upgrade your car. Practice mode has been upgraded to match what you see on TV and it seems car management and reliability is going to play a big role in the game. Pushing your gearbox for one more race might send it over the cliff and have you end up with a penalty that sets you back on the starting grid on race day. To keep things real you see poor ol’ Alonso’s McLaren go up in smoke – as seen on TV.

Classic F1 cars are included into the career mode (somehow), and tracks come with alternative layouts to match a particular era. If you’re new to F1 – tracks have slight tweaks every year that, over many years, just about completely changes the layout of any particular track. The iconic track, Monaco, can even be raced on at night. There are also other modes included that we expect will be good fun online. Overtake challenge, pursuit, checkpoint, time attack and single and multi-class races.

F1 2017 is shaping up to be another great racer in a year filled with many rivals. It launches on 28 August 2017 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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