Seattle might be a setting in The Last of Us Part 2

Leave it to the internet to go above and beyond in finding information from concept artwork. While very little is known about the Last of Us Part 2, a Reddit user might have uncovered an in-game location well in advance.

So far, the Last of Us Part 2 has had one trailer which was released at last year’s PlayStation Experience. Beyond that, small snippets of concept art have appeared online. This was enough for Reddit user Voidsby to piece together enough evidence that The Last of Us Part 2 will be take place in Seattle, Washington. They give some meaty details in their post and provide valid evidence based on what has been released.

By taking a look at the concept art, Voidsby and other redditors found real life counterparts to some of designs in the concept art. It started by something minuscule with parking signs. Voidsby noticed that the parking signs in Seattle matched those used in concept art. From there they were able to find a signpost and a real life building used in the concept art.

After Voidsby uploaded his early pieces of evidence, other users came through to corroborate the theory. One of the most prominent additions came from redditor roganjosho. They found an underground parking lot in Seattle that is in The Last of Us Part 2‘s concept art.

After this, Voidsby was able to present a map of Seattle how the found locations relate to each other. The theory holds more weight with more users able to tie the artwork to a specific area within Seattle.

Of course this is all just speculation. Even if Seattle does turn out to be a location, it might only be part of the game. Similar to the first game which goes across America, Seattle could just be a stop in a long journey.

The Last of Us Part 2 currently has no expected release date and likely won’t have anytime soon. Naughty Dog, however, does have another project getting ready to launch. The standalone Uncharted: The Lost Legacy releases later this month on August 23rd for the PlayStation 4.

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