Video: Take a look at Crytek’s new project Hunt: Showdown

Back in 2014 Crytek Austin was working on a web-based game called Hunt: Horrors. The game was a multiplayer survival action game that might remind you a lot of Left for Dead and the project was almost canned when Crytek hit some finical problems, which resulted in the Crytek Austin studio closing down. It was a sad day indeed as there were a few projects the Austin team were working on at the time, but they had no choice but to move back to the head office in Frankfurt. Luckily, however, Hunt: Horrors was not canned and instead was rebranded as Hunt: Showdown and now has a bigger team assigned to the project.

At first glance the location and characters might remind you a little bit of The Order: 1886, and running on the Cry Engine it might look just as good visually. Take a look at the very first developer diary below where the devs outline the premise of the gameplay and story, let us know what you think?

Source: Hunt Showdown

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